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Billie Eilish: How all the songs on the new album are related to the lyrics of ‘Blue’

Fans pointed out similarities between the lyrics of ‘Blue’ and the other compositions of ‘Hit Me Hard And Soft’

Billie Eilish launched this Friday, 17th, Hit Me Hard And Soft. Fans pointed out that “Blue”, a track from the new album, is a version of “True Blue”, which should have been included on her second studio album. The song would also be related to the other compositions on the album.

In one of the first stanzas, Eilish sings “Birds of a feather”, which corresponds to the title of the album’s fourth track. Around two minutes into the song, she says in French: “Désole, mon amour”. The excerpt may refer to “L’Amour De Ma Vie”, the seventh track.

In “Blue”, Eilish also repeats the phrase “I’m trying my best”, also found in “The Greatest”. Other verses, such as “Don’t know what’s in store, open up the door”, “In the back of my mind” and “I’m still overseas” take up the lyrics of “Chihiro”, “Wildflower” and “Bittersuite” .

“A bird in a cage” would be a tribute to the opening track, “Skinny”, and “Thought you were made for me” is repeated in “Lunch”.

Fans also believe that the last verse of “Blue” indicates that the album will have a sequel: “But when can I hear the next one?”

Source: Rollingstone

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