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Zilu opens up about Wanessa Camargo: “It’s going to be fine”

After the expulsion of Wanessa Camargo, Zilu He opened his heart in a video on social media. Right after drinking a lot at the party last Friday (1), the singer invaded the Magic Room and ended up hitting David with a slap on the leg. Very upset, the brother complained to the program’s production team and demanded that his sister leave due to the episode of aggression inside the house.

Therefore, after analyzing the images, the production decided to eliminate Vanessa immediately. The repercussion was instantaneous and generated demands for David, who felt attacked, but had to explain the reason for denouncing the singer inside the confessional. Obviously, social media picked up on the case and awaited the artist’s first statement.

However, the person who decided to speak was Zilumother of Wanessa Camargo. “I’m here now, at Wanessa’s house, at my house. […] She lives here with me, the house is mine and hers. And we are here, filling her with affection and love. Everyone is working, life goes on, keep moving forward. God knows all things, God knows what is best for each of us and he acts according to what is best for us“.

Let’s move forward, working. I’m working from here because I’m retiring in the United States, and I have things here to resolve. At the same time, I am supporting. Just now, she went to get Joãozinho [filho da cantora]; She is in full swing. Of course things are not going well, but they will stay. I’m sure they’ll stay, okay?“, he added Zilu in the published video.

Source: Atrevida

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