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Paolla Oliveira says goodbye to her vacation and reflects: “It doesn’t last long”

Rested and back to the routine, Paola Oliveira said goodbye to the holidays with his beloved Diogo Nogueira. Thus, in a comment on social media, the actress lamented that her days off last so little. However, she was excited to be in new projects and assured that she will share all the news with her followers. It is worth mentioning that the beauty shone in the Carnival and took some time for the couple.

You thought this vacation would never end, right? Oh, it was wonderful! Too bad it doesn’t last long. We start again a working day like any other and there will be many more to come this year and we will tell you everything here“, he warned Paola in a message to fans shortly after returning home.

After enjoying rest days in Maldives, Paola Oliveira he opened the photo album and delighted his followers. In this way, with an all-white bikini, the actress showed off her curves and also made an important reflection on life. In conversation with her followers, she asked that special moments be enjoyed with enthusiasm and love for every little part of it.


Since he started sharing rehearsals for the Carnival, Paola Oliveira has suffered a lot of criticism about her body. However, the negative comments don’t stop there and also mention weight, age, among other issues. But the actress assured that she has been dealing well with all of this. In an interview with TV Globo, she assessed what has been happening and showed herself to be stronger than in the past.

You imagine, making me look beautiful, making a wonderful outfit, and you go to the rehearsal. I arrive at the rehearsal, you are ‘gongada’, you are massacred, criticized, you don’t want to come back. I wasn’t feeling that way, I was feeling good, happy. Then, I started to see the wave of admiring women, and I started to see the criticism from a little more distant perspective.“, he said Paola Oliveira.

Source: Atrevida

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