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Leader Test yields memes and entertains followers

Soon after the guidelines of Tadeu SchmidtO BBB 24 began another Leader and Endurance Test. So, fans of the reality show immediately created hilarious memes based on the events of the dispute. He has David holding onto the sausage and thinking about eating it, Lucas Henrique on the wall and much more. Check out some of the jokes on social media!


This Friday (8), the summary of the BBB 24 arrives with the details of another Leader Test. Taking advantage of the brothers’ resistance, the dispute still had four consequences for the first ones who gave up. Like this, Lucas Henrique He was the first to leave the fight for the lead and ended up going to the wall. MC Bin Laden He subsequently withdrew and will be left out of the Prova do Anjo.

The test consisted of staying on the platform that contained a loaf of bread and a hot dog. Clinging to the food, the brothers were spinning and receiving wind, smoke and a yellow liquid. That way, Yasmin Brunet she couldn’t stand it and received the consequence of not being able to be immunized in any way. Already Alane she was the fourth eliminated and will be at Xepa next week.

Following the Leader’s Test dispute, Beatrice It is David they continued to fight for the lead until the early hours of this Friday morning (8). Whoever wins will have the right to nominate a brother to the wall next Sunday (10). It is worth noting that the owner of the necklace will still need to put five players in his sights in today’s program led by Tadeu Schmidt.

Source: Atrevida

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