Tuesday, October 4, 2022

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Kanye West Sued for Unauthorized Samples in Donda 2

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Donda 2’s track “Flowers” uses unauthorized sample 22 times, according to lawsuit

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Kanye West was sued for using samples without asking permission on his most recent record, Donda 2 (2022). As reported by billboardtrack “Flowers” features excerpts from “Move Your Body” (aka “The House Music Anthem”), by Marshall Jefferson.

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According to the New York court case, snippets of the iconic house song are “repeated at least 22 times” in the song. “west fights for the rights of the artists, however, it is not ashamed to take the rights of some of them,” says the file.

According to the lawsuit, the use of the sample was “deliberate,” as representatives of west would have met with the seal of JeffersonUltra International Music Publishing, and admitted to using the track without warning: “The defense knows and has been informed that it does not have a license to use the composition.”

Alex Kleinco-creator of Stem Player, is also listed in the action. The device is the only way to hear Donda 2as the project was not released on streaming services. Kanye claimed to have sold 11,000 players, raising about US$2.2 million.


Kanye sued by Donda 2

This was not the first lawsuit involving tracks from the Yes. Texas Pastor, United States, Bishop David Paul Moten sued him for using his sermon on the disc Donda (2021). Rapper sampled priest’s lines for the track “Come To Life.”

In addition to Yes, UMG Recordings, Def Jam Recordings and GOOD Musicrecord label and distributors, are also targets of the Moten. The pastor alleges that the rapper did not ask for permission to use the recording (via NME).

Source: Rollingstone

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