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Another Downton Abbey wedding? Raquel Cassidy and Jim Carter talk about the beautiful new era scene proposed and how it might work if the story continues


spoiler for Downton Abbey: a new eraThe ending of can be found during this comedy if you haven’t seen the movie in theaters yet. The good news? Coming soon on DVD and Digital!

Downton Abbey: a new era It starts with a wedding and essentially ends with a funeral (although director Simon Curtis eventually tweaked that ending slightly), leading to many more wonderful moments in between. Among them was the engagement of Phyllis and Mr Moseley after the latter had landed a concert in Hollywood that would have brought in more money. The moment was slow in coming, according to actress Raquel Cassidy. In fact, she and her co-star Jim Carter recently shared their feelings about the proposal scene with me, as well as what it could mean for center in the future.

As part of a first visit to the UK A new eraOn the digital version, Blu-ray, DVD and streaming, the two stars of the sequel to the television and film franchise discussed the ending we got for the big story “over there”, culminating in the disguises of the staff in time to act as extras in the film. in the film in the film. With all dressed up, Mr. Moseley (Kevin Doyle) took the opportunity to share with Phyllis that he could help her and kindly proposed, while a nearby microphone captured the moment for the rest of the staff to hear.

Speaking with Gossipify, Ms. Cassidy shared her thoughts on the beautiful proposal scene and more, noting that she and the A new era The actors were offered a “feast on a plate” before sharing their thoughts on what could theoretically come next:

It is always good to have an excuse to wear a wedding dress. And definitely one of them. I’d also like to see their relationship on screen beyond the happy ending. It’s been a long time and I think the same way about Julian [Fellowes] We had everyone in costume in the movie, I think it was great to have him there and have him as a speaker. What I like most is the reaction of almost everyone. We all wanted this to happen. He couldn’t for some reason, but when he can, I like Mr. Moseley to find out he can offer him something, that’s the first thing he does. After all this time, it is very well managed.

talk about the future Downton Abbeythe two stars discussed the idea of ​​a center– It will follow the Hollywood style, which would make a lot of sense since Mr. Moseley and Phyllis are expected to be part of the “scene” in the future.

Rachel Cassidy:: “I think it’s a great idea and I think Julian would be willing to make it happen”.

Jim Carter: “Take Carson with them, because Carson has changed his attitude towards movies now. He thinks movies are the way to go … now that he’s done the Lord Somebody Or Other costume. Perfect, that’s all. You heard it here for the first time!

Given that one of Mr. Carson’s most memorable moments occurs when the widowed Countess is dying and gives a rousing speech followed by a line “Imagine a grand dame when there are movie people in the house”, it sounds a bit like wishful thinking. . reflection by Mr. Carter. Yet honestly, Mr. Carson as a fish out of water on the Cote d’Azur worked so well that I imagine Mr. Carter as a fish out of water in Hollywood would make an even better comedy.

Also note that director Simon Curtis reminded me of one last thing about where Downton Abbey left at the end of A new era. When I mentioned this dream about where the franchise might go, it reminded me that it wasn’t just Mr. Moseley who had a job in Hollywood. at the end of Downton AbbeyBarrow also gets a kind of Hollywood ending.

Well, who knows? Because, of course, Barrow will be in Hollywood. So it’s definitely a possibility … I’m happy that this film has been so well received and I wonder if there is a feature film. We will see.

There have been a lot of ideas as to where Downton Abbey could go if he gets a third movie or any kind of expansion under the sun after that A new eraThe theatrical box office rush of. A new era concludes with some notes and moments that indicate that there may be a future for the franchise in the 1930s and beyond, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds, wedding dress or not. .

For the moment, Downton Abbey: a new era is available to stream with a Peacock Premium subscription. Furthermore, A New Age is currently available on Digital (opens in a new tab) and maybe preorder now on Blu-ray and DVD, starting July 5th (opens in a new tab) .

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