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Discover the curious story of the most precious album in the world, which will have a rare audience in a museum

Discover the curious story of the most precious album in the world, which will have a rare audience in a museum

The album ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’, by the rap group Wu-Tang Clan, recorded between 2006 and 2013, was played once in front of just 150 listeners; know your story

If you want to be against piracy, the rap group Wu-Tang Clan gives lessons: the album Once upon a time in Shaolinrecorded between 2006 and 2013, it has only one physical copy and is not available on any other platform, as well as having all the “masters” (final versions of the songs) deleted.

The only time a 13-minute excerpt of the rap group’s work was heard occurred in 2015, at the MoMa in New York, in front of a total of 150 art and music critics, as well as potential buyers.

The album, produced in secret by the New York group between 2006 and 2013, was purchased at auction for 2 million dollars (R$ 10.3 million at current prices), by the pharmaceutical industry entrepreneur Martin Shrkeli , and cannot be explored commercially until 2103. , according to the sales contract. The purchase made Once upon a time in Shaolin the most expensive and rare album in history.

However, after Martin, also known as “the most hated manager in the world”, attempted to sell the album on eBay in 2017, one of the group’s members, RZA, expressed his disappointment: “I didn’t like the idea of ​​putting [o álbum] on eBay. She could have gotten more than she paid. “The sale was never completed.

In 2018, Shrkeli was indicted for fraud, among other financial crimes, and his assets were confiscated. The United States Department of Justice, in possession of the album as part of Shrkeli’s estate, sold the work for $4 million (approximately R$20.6 million) to PleasrDAO, an NFT company that currently owns the album .

For those who want to satisfy their curiosity and listen to Wu-Tang Clan’s work, just head to Tasmania next month, where the album will be played at a “listening party” (an event where guests can listen to the songs at interior of the museum) during the Namedropping performance for the few listeners who manage to obtain tickets, available for free on May 30th. Auditions for the album will take place between June 15 and 24 at the MONA museum in Hobart, Tasmania.

“The last item on the Wu-Tang Clan wish list and probably the only chance you will have to hear it,” the museum said of the album, in a post about purchasing tickets for the listening party.

Source: Terra

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