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Normani: watch the official trailer of the new album ‘Dopamine (First Dose)’

Normani: watch the official trailer of the new album ‘Dopamine (First Dose)’

Pop singer Normani launched Dopamine (first dose)the official trailer of his highly anticipated new album, Dopaminewith launch scheduled for June 14, 2024 for the Sony Music, through RCA records. The album marks a bold new chapter for the artist 27 years oldas she fully embraces and celebrates her sexuality, showcasing her journey to divine femininity.

The teaser begins with Normans answer the phone: “Hello, hotline 1:59? I’m here to satisfy your deepest, darkest desires. No rules, no restrictions, just pure dopamine”, in free translation. The scene cuts to the artist approaching a romantic interest, dancing in lingerie. In the background, her latest single with Gunna1:59, is played, with images of both artists.

The teaser also reveals a snippet of his upcoming single, Candy paintshowing Normans on top of a silver rocket, with her naked body painted silver, in reference to the album cover, in which she appears in a black rocket. This look creatively translates the essence of Dopamine.

The new album Normanswhich is already present pre-saving on wheresthedamnalbum.com, represents a season of freedom and liberation, celebrating their journey.


Source: Terra

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