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Ana Castela wants to make fashion trendy in an album that brings back childhood memories

Ana Castela wants to make fashion trendy in an album that brings back childhood memories

The first song of the album “Herança Boiadeira” was released this Friday, 31st, with the participation of Ana Marcela’s grandparents


Ana Castela released the first song of the album “Herança Boiadeira”, which seeks to remember her childhood and praise the modão genre.

Singer Ana Castela released the first song from the album this Friday 31st Heritage of Boiadeira, a project in which he tries to remember his childhood in the countryside and praise the modão style. The first track, My inheritancealludes to the time when he was a child and spent his days with his grandparents.

“I couldn’t have better people by my side, they are my base and my strength,” he says in an interview with Earth.

The slower, more romantic pace differs slightly from the company’s previous releases. Boiadeira, but Ana Castela does not believe that this will alienate her audience, which is mainly made up of young people and even children. Indeed: with guests of reference in the world of country music, she hopes that the songs from this album will go viral and become trends on social media, just like her songs with her more electrifying rhythm.

Watch the full interview:

The song Minha Herança has a slower tempo than his other faster songs. Is this something that should be repeated in the other songs on the album?

This is a trendy album, the songs are different from my latest releases. We will have some new songs and many re-recordings featuring people I admire a lot. There is everything, more romantic music, more lively music, for all tastes, you will like it. And yes, for the next ones you will also see more romantic songs.

In regards to having your grandparents on the recording, why did you choose to honor them?

My family is the most important part of my life, this project was created with so much love and has always been a desire of my heart. I wanted something smaller, with all my family and closest friends present. My whole childhood was with my grandparents and I couldn’t have better people by my side, they are my base and my fortress, grandfather André was also there, in another way, but he was there.

You are very successful among younger audiences, how do you think this new album will be received by them?

This modão project is something I’ve always wanted and my idea is that children, young people can really listen to modão again, that they understand these very special songs a little more. I really wanted to bring all this so that these songs reach the new generation

Will there be room to create TikTok trends with songs?

So. My inheritance is a song that is already trending on TikTok and also on Instagram. Many people use photos and videos with their family or in special places to remember their true heritage.

Can we say that this album represents a new phase for Ana Castela? Does this launch have an even more special taste?

Yes, I’m in a very special moment in my career and this album inaugurates a new phase. This song is the most special for me, on the day of recording I had to record it many times because the emotion took over and I couldn’t sing. It represents all my feelings, it’s about my family, this song will move many people.

Source: Terra

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