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Kendrick Lamar intensifies feud with Drake in “Not Like Us” video.

Kendrick Lamar intensifies feud with Drake in “Not Like Us” video.

One of 2024’s biggest hits gets a clip full of direct taunts towards Drake, adding to the controversy between rappers

Kendrick Lamar released his long-awaited music video for “Not Like Us” on Thursday night (4/7). The song, which is a diss (short for “disrespect”) directed at Drake, is already a huge hit, with a major impact on pop culture. But the video, which Lamar co-directed with Dave Free on the streets of Compton and Watts, Los Angeles, was missing, establishing him as the winner in the rivalry that began earlier this year.

Video clip with provocations

The clip begins with Tommy the Clown leaving Lamar in a metal room before the rapper does push-ups on cinder blocks, a reference to Drake’s “Push Ups” video. Soon, the artist appears breaking an owl piñata, a reference to Drake’s OVO record label symbol, while an on-screen caption reads, “No OVHoes were harmed in the making of this video.” The video includes more owl footage, as well as footage of Lamar driving with producer DJ Mustard and dancing with his girlfriend Whitney Alford and their two children, in a clear response to Drake’s innuendo in the song “Family Matters.”

History of Rivalry

The feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake escalated in March 2024, with Lamar’s surprise appearance on Future and Metro Boomin’s single “Like That,” which Drake took as a personal attack. Drake responded with “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle,” and Lamar responded with “Euphoria” and “6:16 in LA.” Hours after the release of “6:16 in LA,” Drake responded with “Family Matters,” accusing Lamar of abusing his romantic partner Whitney Alford and claiming that one of her two children was fathered by his creative partner, Dave Free. Less than an hour later, Lamar responded with “Meet the Grahams,” characterizing Drake as an alleged sexual predator who runs a sex trafficking ring from his Toronto mansion, known as the Embassy, ​​while also having a secret daughter.

Topics covered in “Not Like Us”

“Not Like Us” was released unexpectedly on May 4, 2024, less than 24 hours after “Meet the Grahams.” Its lyrics continue the themes introduced in the previous track, doubling down on accusations against Drake of pedophilia and sexual misconduct, as well as accusing him of exploiting the Atlanta music and cultural scene for credibility and financial gain. Drake responded with “The Heart Part 6,” but his song did not have the same impact.

Cultural impact

Lamar’s recording peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and broke streaming records, becoming considered one of the best diss tracks of all time and a strong Grammy contender.

In addition to dominating the charts, “Not Like Us” became a cultural phenomenon, becoming the theme song for sporting events, attracting celebrities as diverse as Billie Eilish and Tom Hanks, and even appearing in political campaigns. It became one of the most popular songs of 2024.

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