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Rock in Rio begins work on the “Mundo” and “Sunset” stages.

Rock in Rio begins work on the “Mundo” and “Sunset” stages.

There is 68 days of the start of Rock In Rio 2024, the edition that celebrates the 40 years of the megafestival, the City of Rock is starting to take shape. So far, 31 countriesif all the Brazilian states have already said it “I GO” and the Wonderful citycradle of the first and historic edition of the festival and which has put the country on the path of international entertainment, is already preparing and dressing for the event.

This Friday (5), the stages World AND Sunset began to come to life with the construction of the first structures in Olympic Park. The works that will compose and give shape to the magical and iconic Cidade do Rock are also advancing on the stages New Order of Dance, Global Village, Espaço FavelaIn addition to Itinerary 85. The works of VIP area and the living room Rock in the Rio Club are already underway.

The space is preparing to receive the 700 thousand fans who will be part of this party 500 hours of experiences and more than 750 artists on seven stagesWith four days already sold out, the festival is racking up a huge number of ticket sales and fans can still purchase tickets for the final three days available, when Avenged Sevenfold and Ed Sheeran will be headlinerin addition to the unpublished Brazil Daywhich brings the greatest meeting of Brazilian music.

The public will also be able to have fun with all the toys present City of RockCheck out the new musical Dreams, Mud and Rock ‘n Rollwalk Babylon Hype Fairfind the whole world inside Global Villageenjoy a gastronomic experience at Gourmet Square, participate in brand activations and, on Brazil Day, be enchanted by daytime fireworks, video mapping in the New World stageone aerial ballet with tuned song, light up bracelets and many other entertainment options.

In addition to the news in New dance orderone Gourmet Square with a new gastronomic proposal and an even larger area for better public circulation, which also includes brand activations and the traditional toys that make up the festival’s large amusement park.

Rock in Rio will take place on September 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21 and 22, 2024, in Cidade do Rock, located in Tijuca Riverto the Rio de Janeiro.

Roberta Medina Talks About Anitta’s Struggle With Rock in Rio

Last Saturday (15), Roberta Medinadirector of the festival and vice president of Rock World, gave an interview to journalists and talked about the artists from previous years with whom she had problems.

“When the 2022 edition ended, Anitta fought with Rock in Rio. I wonder why… If you asked me if I wanted Anitta at Rock in Rio, here she is with open doors. Now, wasn’t it nice? It wasn’t nice. But every year is a year and every moment is a moment. Because relationships can’t mature, right?“, he has declared.

It is worth mentioning that Anitta stated that she would no longer perform at Rock in Rio.”I will never set foot in this festival again“, I shoot.

“I think it was a strong and hasty statement. Absolutely useless… So to say never? There is no such thing… If we have to make peace, we will do it again”“, said Roberta.

Other artists he mentioned were Axl Rose, singer of Guns N’ Roses, and Drake, but he revealed that he would not stop working with them.”forever“.

Anitta has participated in the editions of Rock in the Rio Lisboa In 2018 AND 2022.

The singer spoke X after their last performance in the Portuguese edition of the festival.

“Ask the bravest people how those from Brazil and abroad are treated. It’s as if they were doing us a great favor by putting us there, and we are humiliated by any of their conditions to make everything fair for foreigners.“, he then commented.

“Only me and my team know what we went through in a silent war with really great people to get the respect for funk. Today I took my phone and saw how much funk was happening at this festival and I was happy that it was so exhausting the fight was not in vain“, she said after Ludmilla’s performance in 2022.

Source: Terra

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