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Priscilla Reveals Aversion to the Gospel That Designed Her

Priscilla Reveals Aversion to the Gospel That Designed Her

The singer surprises by admitting that she didn’t like one of her most famous songs, “Espírito Santo”

Priscilla, former Alcantara, former youth presenter and former gospel singer who recently emigrated to the pop universe, made a surprising revelation during her participation in the program “La Noite”, hosted by Danilo Gentili on Tuesday night (7/9) on SBT. The artist admitted that she did not like the song that turned her into a gospel singer, “Espírito Santo”.

Revelations in “The Night”

Priscilla said her music career took off after the song went viral. “You know, this is where it all started in my music career. I sang a gospel song here at the time that I didn’t even like, and then it went viral, and my dad was like, ‘Let’s enjoy it.’ Now that this song has come along and we’re going to put it out,'” the singer recalled.

Beginnings in the Gospel

She also revealed that her father released the video without her permission. “He, secretly, without my permission because I didn’t like the music, he released [o vídeo] on YouTube and it was my first big gospel song,” Priscilla said. She emphasized her parents’ constant support in her musical decisions. “My parents never had a problem with it, so they let me sing whatever I wanted. I sang Rouge, but when it came on, the pastor didn’t like it… That’s his problem, right, because I left the church, went to another church and kept singing,” said the singer, who has already had a 12-year career.

Reactions on social media

The statement reverberated on social media, causing disappointment and surprise among older fans. “What he sang did not reflect what was in his heart. True praise comes with the pleasure of worshiping God, especially the Holy Spirit,” commented one follower.

Source: Terra

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