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Bob Dylan: Unreleased Version of ‘Blowin in the Wind’ single is auctioned for $1.7 million

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Blowin in the Wind was re-recorded on new analogue medium technology with producer T. Bone Burnett

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A one-time re-recording of the hit from Bob Dylan, ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’was sold for almost £1,482 million, or US$1,769,508 million in US dollars at an auction held this Thursday, 7th, by Christie’s, In London. The auctioned song is the first remaster of the single, written in 1962.

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The sale exceeded the auction house’s original estimated price, which was set at between £600,000 and £1 million (or, in US dollars, $716,000 to $1,194,000). This year marks the 60th anniversary of ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’which was written for their second album, The Freewheelin’ (1962).

The recording was made in March 2021 with longtime collaborator de Dylan, T-Bone Burnett, with vocals recorded in Los Angeles and the rest of the band in Nashville. It was recorded directly on a newly invented analog recording technology, which Burnett worked for years, called Ionic Originals.

The technology Ionic Originals consists of analog aluminum discs that promise to be superior to any other music playback platform. Although it’s a new format, with supposedly higher durability and a coating that makes it almost impervious to normal wear and tear, the record can be played on a regular turntable.

Burnett hopes that the recording, offered on Ionic Original – a new audio medium, will help expand a musical space in the fine arts market. “I trust and hope this means as much to whoever acquired it today at Christie’s exceptional sale as to all of us who did, and that they will consider and care for it like a painting or any other singular work of art.”

Peter Klarnetsenior expert at Christie’s in books and manuscripts, thanked in a statement after the auction ended for the opportunity to work with a promising technology for the future of music.

“Working on such an incredibly important and innovative advancement in analog playback technology is a tremendous honor. We are excited that this is just the beginning of this incredible new opportunity for artists to redefine the value of music.”

On whether the rest of the world, except the auction winner, will be able to hear him, Burnett replied to the Variety that the decision would largely be in the hands of the buyer, but that any commercial disclosure should have an agreement between those involved in the project, including the buyer.

Source: Rollingstone

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