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Florence Welch receives an honorary scholarship from London University of the Arts

Singer Florence Welch received an honorary scholarship from London University of the Arts. The artist was a college student, but she ended up dropping out after her first year to join her band. Florence + The car.

In an emotional speech, Florencein 35 yearsspoke of his joy in receiving the scholarship after the disappointment of not completing his degree.

“I didn’t think it would happen”She said Welch after graduating. “As you can see, I am very honored to receive this. As you may know, I was born in Camberwell and the art college was very big in my imagination even before I attended it.”

And he continued: “Growing up in Camberwell, everyone I thought was interesting or cool or in my favorite bands seemed to have gone to Camberwell Arts College. But much to my mother’s chagrin, as a patron of higher education, I dropped out of school to work. At the bar. Instead of going to any university, I just wanted to be in a band, but at that point in my life there wasn’t really the band … it was almost imaginary that there was just too much to drink. a year of this and feeling more and more lost, I tried to enroll in the Art College. I’m so happy that (they brought me). I have to say that without that space to create and dream in that foundation year, and the structure and the sanctuary it offered, I wouldn’t be the artist I am today. “

In early 2022, the Florence + The car they released their fifth studio album Dance fever.

Source: Terra

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