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Star Wars Ashley Eckstein explains why she snuck into DM RuPaul’s Drag Race Alum Nina West and joined forces for SDCC’s Her Universe fashion show

The Her Universe fashion show has been a fan-favorite part of San Diego Comic-Con since 2014, but the event hosted by the founder of Her Universe and Star Wars actress Ashley Eckstein hasn’t been in person since 2019. After losing 2020 due to the COVID pandemic then returns for a virtual performance in 2021 , the show will soon return to San Diego with the theme “Coming Home”. This time, RuPaul’s Endurance Race Former Alumnus Nina West will join Eckstein as a co-host, and Eckstein shared with Gossipify how their collaboration began.

Nina West is a drag icon known for her appearance in season 11 of RuPaul’s Endurance Race as well as his music, activism and advocacy. There is no doubt that she is perfect for the geek couture fashion show to be held at SDCC on July 21, but how has the connection with Ashley Eckstein been since star wars, clone wars occur? Eckstein opened up and said:

Oh my God, I’m so excited! Nina became one of my closest friends during the pandemic. True to ourselves, we met virtually. We organized an event for Disney together through Zoom and then I joined Nina’s DMs because Nina is from Columbus, Ohio and I work a lot with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and their On Our Sleeves movement for children’s mental health. Being Nina an absolute icon in the Columbus area, I mean Nina even has a street named after her in Columbus, Ohio, I contacted Nina and said, ‘Look, I know you’re a mental health advocate too. I’d love to partner with you on On Our Sleeves. And of course Nina answered me and said: ‘Yes, yes, yes’. And together, we’ve become superheroes of kindness for children’s mental health.

The friendship between Ashley Eckstein and Nina West does not go back to RuPaul’s Endurance Race or one of Eckstein’s many popular products Star Wars projects, but for their mutual support to Nationwide Children’s Hospital and On Our Sleeves. The actress previously told Gossipify that she works with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the On Our Sleeves movement. helped with planning Knowledgeable questions about Star Wars ; It turns out that the hospital and the movement in Columbus have reunited her in West for a very good cause.

Eckstein went on to explain what SDCC fans and attendees can expect as co-hosts of the Her Universe fashion show:

Eventually we had the opportunity to meet in person and became best friends. So, to be able to share the stage with Nina West for our show this year, I’m more than excited. We promise a fun show. You know, we can’t reveal our looks because they’re always a surprise, but I can share that they coordinate and we have some. We promise only a fun show. It will be funny. There will be laughter, there will be tears. You will jump from your seat. There will be dancing. The public can once again get on the podium. It will truly be a celebration of returning to San Diego Comic-Con.

There are surprises in store with the Her Universe 2022 show and its “Coming Home” theme, but the preview of several coordinated ensembles for Ashley Eckstein and Nina West is downright intriguing. By returning to an in-person event, fans and stylists will have a full experience with the runway and hosts.

His Universe 2022 fashion show returns to San Diego Comic-Con featuring 26 designers’ geeky couture looks on Thursday, July 21 at 6:00 PM PT at the Harbor Ballroom of the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event is free for all SDCC attendees and welcomes people of all ages . Ashley Eckstein confirmed that the show follows Comic-Con protocols regarding audiences wearing face masks, but the performers on stage had the option to go mask-free or incorporate a mask into the design.

You can also revisit Ashley Eckstein’s work as Ahsoka Tano’s voice actress with the seven seasons star wars, clone wars and the four seasons star wars rebels available with a Disney + subscription . Season 11 of RuPaul’s Endurance Race with Nina West is also available for streaming Paramount + subscribers .

Source: Cinemablend

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