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Noel Gallagher criticizes Harry Styles for not working as hard as ‘real musicians’

Noel Gallagher said artists who appeared on talent shows ‘has nothing to do with music’

Noel Gallagher criticized Harry Styles and other artists who have appeared on talent shows such as The X Factor, for not working as hard as “real musicians.” In an interview with Daily Starthe guitarist of Oasis stated that singers from programs such as Simon Cowell “It has nothing to do with music.”

The X Factor it’s a TV show, it has nothing to do with music, it has nothing to do with music, and anything that came out of that has nothing to do with music,” he said. Furthermore, he also implied that styles does not work on the compositions themselves:

“Aren’t you telling me that Harry Styles is currently in a room, somewhere, writing a song,” he said. “With any joy, he will be surrounded by many girls. I can guarantee he’s not with a guitar trying to write a note for something.”

the speech of Gallagher comes shortly after styles to throw “As It Was,” first single of the third Harry’s House (2022), which will be released on May 20. The musician gained prominence in 2010, when he participated in the One Directionboy band formed by Cowell at the The X Factor. The group stayed together for five years until they went on hiatus and the members launched solo projects.

In an interview with Sirius XM, styles talked about Harry’s House and explained that this is his most liberating project to date. “I feel like this is the first time I’m making music and releasing music really from a place of personal freedom. This is a really liberating place to create and now spread that. So the process for me was easily the happiest of anything I’ve experienced so far while making music.”

Source: Atrevida

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