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Rare Video of Child Prince Supporting Teachers Strike Found Over Radio; watch

US radio WCCO found an interview with Prince, aged 11, supporting the teachers’ strike.

Among the archival material, the US radio station WCCO found a video of the singer Prince, at age 11, during the Minneapolis teachers’ strike in April 1970. In the footage, the pop star is shown giving an interview in support of teachers and asking for better pay. (via Folha de S. Paulo)

The discovery came as journalists were looking for material on the strike to include in a recent story on the subject. However, during the search, they found a familiar face. “I immediately went to the newsroom and showed [o vídeo] to people saying, ‘I’m not going to tell you who I think it is, but who do you think it is?’ And all the people said: ‘prince‘” stated Matt Liddyproduction manager at WCCO in the article published on the CBS Minnesota portal.

The footage shows a little boy supporting the strike, saying, “I think they should make more money because they work, they work overtime for us and that sort of thing.” As he does not identify himself with his first and last name, it was necessary to restore the audio and look for an expert in archeology and historical records of the region.

According to research, prince actually attended Lincoln Junior High School, where the interview was filmed. However, confirmation that it was him in the video came when the radio contacted two classmates prince, Terrance and Rhoda Jackson.

“And the prince! Standing there with the hat, right? And the skipperOh my God!” he said. Terrance when you saw the pictures. He attended elementary school with prince and even participated in the musician’s first band. “He was already playing guitar and keyboards at that time, he was a phenomenon. Music has become our sport. Because he was athletic, and so was I, but we wanted to compete in music.” Rhoda was also moved to see the video: “It’s amazing to see him so small, young, and hear his voice.”

Prince Rogers Nelson died at age 57 in 2016 after an accidental overdose of fentanyl. The musician became one of the biggest names in pop in the 1980s, winning seven Grammys it is a Oscar by the soundtrack of Purple Rain (1984), film based on the album of the same name.

Source: Atrevida