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Britney Spears won’t have to answer questions from her father’s lawyer, judge says

According to Britney Spears’ lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, a statement would only serve to “retraumatize” the singer.

Britney Spears will not have to answer questions from the attorney of Jamie Spears in testimony for investigations into guardianship. The decision was made by the judge Brenda Pennyresponsible for handling the case after declaring the end of the father’s financial and personal control over the singer.

As determined by Variety, Jamie Spears sought the court’s permission to take the deposition of spears while both fight to defend who will pay attorney fees and other amounts related to their 13-year guardianship.

the judge Brenda Penny ruled that a deposition would likely not yield information relevant to the remaining issues in the case, removing the singer from this trial and possible future evidentiary actions in the case. After the decision, the lawyer for Britney, Mathew Rosengartsaid that a statement would only serve to “retraumatize” his client.

the lawyer of Jamie, Alex Weingarten, expressed frustration at not being able to ask the artist about the allegations, noting that the singer often comments on the affair on social media and will speak openly about her ward period in autobiography. This is the second audience in July that remains favorable to the pop star.

At an earlier hearing on July 13, the judge granted the request for Britney to depose your father. Furthermore, Jamie must also present “all documents and communications” requested by the daughter related to the alleged “electronic surveillance”.

The court decision takes place after Britney Spears accuse her father of paying a security team to track the location of people close to her. According to accusations, Jamie paid nearly $6 million from the estate of Britney to a security company, which reportedly obtained private phone records for the singer’s mother and others.

It is worth remembering that lawyers Britney Spears also accuse the singer’s father of evading depositions and not cooperating with investigations into guardianship for 9 months. For about 13 years, he was responsible for controlling the artist’s stock and money.

In this ocasion, Mathew Rosengartone of the representatives of Britneyasked the court in Los Angeles, United States, to Jamie be obliged to provide clarifications, as he would have impeded the progress of the process.

End of Britney Spears’ Guardianship

the guardianship of Britney Spears ended in November 2021. The judge Brenda Penny put an end to the father’s control, Jamie Spears, about the life, career and finances of the singer, who served as its sole curator for most of the 13 years. In September, Jamie has been removed from the tutor role of Britney while both parties fought for the end of the process.

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