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Britney Spears Announces Autobiography: ‘I Was Screaming Inside’

The launch of books about Britney Spears by her mother, Lyanne, and her sister, Jamie Linn, encouraged the singer to tell her own story

Britney Spears wants to tell his own story in autobiography. The singer plans to reveal the truth about her guardianship period and respond to books written by her mother, lyanneand the sister, Jamie Linn. The contract with the publisher for the production of the book is around US$ 15 million, as determined by the Variety in February this year.

Britney detailed intentions for a biography, which should serve for their own reflection and understanding of difficult moments, in a post later deleted on Instagram (via Estadão).

“I never felt heard before, I was screaming inside and no matter what I said, I was always looked down on. As I got older, the powers under my tutelage were literally unbelievable,” she explained.

The narrations of Britney Spears: the story behind the success and Things I Should Have Said – written respectively by the mother and sister – encouraged the biographical production of spears and shaped the “intellectual approach” it seeks to adopt. The singer also recalled an apology from JustinTimberlake after 20 years of the troubled end of the relationship.

“Right now, it’s healing and therapeutic. It’s also difficult to revisit past events in my life, I’ve never been able to express myself openly. I imagine I might sound childish, but I was extremely young when it happened,” she explained.

The book does not have a date for publication.

Source: Atrevida