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80 years of Caetano Veloso: discover the 20 most listened to songs on the radio

One of the big names in the history of Brazilian folk musicthe Bahian singer, songwriter, musician, producer, arranger and writer Caetano Veloso to complete 80 years old of age this Sunday (7) and Ecad – Central Office of Collection and Distribution carried out a study on the artist from his 631 songs And 1,953 registrations registered in your database.

The studio revealed the songs of Caetano the most played in Brazil, the most recorded and the artists who recorded their songs the most, in addition to the words that appear most in the titles of their songs.

Singer Gal Costa was the performer who most recorded the musical works of Caetano Veloso so far, with 223 registrations where they stand out for the classics Honey like 2 is 2 And Divine Wonderful.

Maria Bethanysister of Caetano and one of the famous Brazilian performers, appears in second position with 197 recordsFollowed by Gilberto Gilgreat friend and musical partner of Autumn with 117 registrations.

Baby is at the top of the list of most recorded songs from Caetano Veloso. already enters the most played in Brazil in the last 10 yearsthe iconic Sampa took the lead. In this period, almost 80% of your income in royalties came from the segments of TV, radio And Shows.

or Ecad also revealed a study in which the word was noted samba is the most used in the musical works of Caetano Veloso. has already been repeated nine times in 631 songs. Immediately after, the words love with 8 quotes it’s tied 7 quotesthe words voice And light / lights.

Check the 20 songs written by Caetano Veloso most played in Brazil in the last 10 years in major public performance segments, including radio, ambient sound, live music, party and entertainment venues, carnival, June festivals and concerts, as well as Most recorded songs by the artist second study by Ecad:

1- Sampa – Caetano Veloso

2 – You are beautiful – Caetano Veloso

3 – You don’t understand anything – Caetano Veloso

4 – Sailor only – Caetano Veloso / Public Domain

5 – Equator Line – Caetano Veloso / Djavan

6 – The little lion – Caetano Veloso

7 – Reconvesso – Caetano Veloso

8 – Strange Force – Caetano Veloso

9 – Since samba is samba – Caetano Veloso

10 – Odara – Caetano Veloso

11 – River Boy – Caetano Veloso

12 – Prayer at the time – Caetano Veloso

13 – Joy, Joy – Caetano Veloso

14 – Baby – Caetano Veloso

15 – London London – Caetano Veloso

16 – Luce di Tieta – Caetano Veloso

17 – Pure Beauty – Caetano Veloso

18 – Extraordinary Cats – Caetano Veloso

19 – Rain, sweat and beer – Caetano Veloso

20 – The frog – João Donato / Caetano Veloso

Most recorded songs by Caetano Veloso

1 – Baby – Caetano Veloso

2 – Sampa – Caetano Veloso

3 – The frog – João Donato / Caetano Veloso

4 – Strange Strength – Caetano Veloso

5 – You are beautiful – Caetano Veloso

6 – Since samba is samba – Caetano Veloso

7 – Joy, joy – Caetano Veloso

8 – Vagabond Heart – Caetano Veloso

9 – Sun – Caetano Veloso – Paula and Bebeto – Caetano Veloso / Milton Nascimento

10 – The little lion – Caetano Veloso

I like 2 and 2 – Caetano Veloso

Source: Terra

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