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The Killers release ‘boy’, a song with a message for the singer’s children

The track is the band’s first release since their August 2021 album Pressure Machine. Check out the single!

For the first time since the album Pressure MachineAugust 2021, the band The Killers presented its fans with another single, this Friday, 05. Released at the festival mad coolin Madrid last month, the track is called boyaccording to NME.

Available on the band’s YouTube channel (check it out below!) and audio streaming services, the song indicates that the group may be returning to their old style of songwriting. Brandon Flowersthe group’s vocalist even revealed that the track was written even before the release of Pressure Machine.

“This was the first song written after we had to cancel the tour’Imploding The Mirage‘ due to the pandemic,” he said, according to the NME. Then, the singer recalled that, after returning to Nephi, the city where he grew up, in Utah, in the United States, he realized that he could no longer leave “the place he so desperately wanted to run away from at 16”. That’s how the lyrics came about. boy.

I have a son who is approaching the age I was at that time in my life.” flowers. “With ‘boy‘ I want to tell myself – and my children – not to overthink it. And look for the ‘white arrows’ in their lives. For me, the white arrows are now my wife, kids, my songs and the stage.”

Still in an interview with NMEthe lead singer of The Killers revealed that the new track was responsible for the creation of the album itself Pressure Machine. “We’re teasing a little bit,” he explained. “It was the song that brought me back home and it was kind of the impetus to write the album.”

What’s interesting is that she just didn’t make it on the album – but her absence is not a reflection of the quality of the song.” flowers. “It was an aesthetic decision to keep this off the record. There is optimism about that. It’s in the dust, it’s in the gutter, and it’s looking at the stars. It’s writing in yet another new wave vehicle.”

Finally, still at NMEin an interview given before the presentation of the The Killersat the festival mad cool, the vocalist revealed that the band has more releases prepared for the coming months. “You will hear singles this year. The full album will probably be early next year, but there will definitely be more releases this year,” he said.

It’s a little more canyon rock,” he explained. flowers, talking about the songs that could be on the next record. “Maybe one The Killersa little more traditional, I think. I could see us heading in that direction: something a little more energized.”

Check out the new single below. boyof The Killersin full:

Source: Rollingstone

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