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Murda Beatz on Anitta: “The coolest girl in the world”

When pop star Anitta revealed that she is in a serious relationship, many fans started a series of questions about who would win her heart. Searches in Google it intensified exponentially and soon it was known who would be with her: it was the Canadian producer Murda Beatz.

The courtship was revived by anita And Murda in the day June 12thSaint Valentine.

Both of them had already worked together when they were on stage at the iconic Coachella Festival, carried out in California (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA). Shortly after, anita And Murda Beatz went to the studio to record not anymore, collaborative track that has characterized J Balvin, Pharrell Williams And Quavo.

In a recent interview with the newspaper The globeMurda Beatz talked about her relationship with Anitta: “She is an amazing and genuine person, I am attracted to how humble she is. I always tell her she is the coolest girl in the world. She is so cool, she has a lot of style, you know? I admire her, she works really hard, she is one of the most dedicated people and hardworking that I know and that inspires me to work harder and you definitely want someone on your side who inspires you to try harder “said the Canadian manufacturer.

beatz also revealed in an interview that anita he was quite shy while recording the video for Not anymore: “It was fun and when we were shooting the” No más “video, there were a few moments where she was shy on set and then it made me shy … They wanted a scene with the two of us together, but we ended up to change the scene to be just her (laughs) “.

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