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How Jackie Chan and Jurassic Park inspired Chris Pine’s Dungeons and Dragons movie

Definitely when it comes to news Dungeons and Dragons movie, honor among thieves, hopefully the film draws much of its influence from the TTRPG that inspired it. In the first trailer of the d & d film What it looks like with Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez and others we could see that the hero pool is made up of the different character classes of D&D and they will be there there is no shortage of D&D creatures to fight with from the game . However, the new j & d The film also has some more surprising influences, such as Jurassic Park Yes jackie chan movies .

The directors and producers of Dungeons and Dragons: honor thieves sat down with Gossipify at the recent San Diego Comic-Con and revealed the films that inspired the new film, not necessarily in content, but in style. Writer / director John Francis Daley explained that the film used Jackie Chan’s films as a model for filming its own action sequences, trying to make them as real as possible. This included using live actors whenever possible. Daley explained …

We tried not to trust “digital duplicates” as much as possible. When we were talking to our stunt coordinator, in terms of visual inspiration, we went back to Jackie Chan’s films because what was so extraordinary and unique about his films was that you know what’s going on because you see it all in this wide neighbor- UPS . and the shots hurt a lot more because you see them.

Co-writer and co-director Jonathan Goldstein said modern action films tend to be so close to the cameras and edited so frequently that it can be difficult for audiences to really know what’s going on in an action scene. . It was important in this film not to do it. This is where Jackie Chan came in, because like Daley said, you can always see what’s going on in those action sequences, and that’s why they work best.

And the practical sequences were an important part of Dungeons & Dragons: honor among thieves even out of order. While a film full of magical and mystical creatures would surely have a significant amount of digital effects, the filmmakers struggled to find a balance between practical and digital effects, so that the emblematic Jurassic Park made many years ago . As Daley commented …

Jurassic Park really was our animal spirit to make this film because it’s this perfect fusion of practical and visual effects and still stands today.

Some of these practical shots in the new D&D movie, how to shoot a real volcano in Iceland They were luckier than expected, but it sure worked. Dungeons and Dragons: honor thieves definitely grab some of the best when it comes to inspiration. The film also seems to embrace the best parts of the D&D game, including the humor that is often a part of the game. We’ll see how well the film follows those who inspired it when it hits theaters next year.

Source: Cinemablend

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