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Another Clerks actor had to audition for Jay because Jason Mewes suffered from an unfortunate phobia.

by Kevin Smith employees is still celebrated today for changing the face of cinema. A semi-autobiographical comedy, it mixed pop culture discourse with the unfortunate realities of life, all with acid language and snappy dialogue. Part of that success came from the iconic duo of Smith and actor Jason Mewes, who launched the Jay and Silent Bob characters to stardom.

Believe it or not, this particular dynamic duo hardly ever happened. It turns out that Mewes was Very shy camera during the making of these first films. This, in turn, prompted Kevin Smith to audition again. employees actor as a backup plan and all these details emerged during the promotion of the upcoming film Employees III.

Jason Mewes’ battle with camera shyness during Clerks

New stories emerged from Gossipify’s suite of interviews at San Diego Comic-Con, which celebrated all things employees. Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and a handful of other cast members were on hand to share old and new projects. Our Jeff McCobb asked questions regarding range and an interesting fact emerged about accuracy. Employees III the long-awaited / semi-autobiographical story was when it came to the actual production of employees.

Additionally, Jason Mewes confirmed that the plot of the new film, in which Jay is extremely shy in front of the camera, is 100% true to his real life. Here’s what the star told Gossipify about the story behind the moment:

It actually happened, I was asking people to come in and not look at me, or to get out if we were turning inside. I was very nervous in front of the camera when we shot Employees, even though I was acting myself. … I think even during Mallrats, the next movie we did, I started to warm up but I was still nervous. Even doing interviews, it took me years to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

It’s hard to believe Mewes, the same man he recreated the Buffalo Bill prom scene from silence of the lambs in employees II, he was a shy actor in front of the cameras. However, Kevin Smith always had faith in his best friend’s abilities and called him to the same meeting.

Kevin Smith’s recollection of Jason Mewes’ shyness included a discussion that reinforced what he wrote about his life in employees (A movie that Paramount + subscribers can currently stream again, as of this writing.) Here’s how Smith and Mewes joked about the dialogue while filming the first movie:

Doing exactly the same shit you do when a camera isn’t working. … I gave him the script for Employees and said, ‘Look, I think you’d be great at that.’ [Jason] It was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’ I was like, ‘It’s you. That’s literally all the bullshit you say. It’s like, ‘Here I say’ Snoochie Boochies’. Why am I saying this? I said, ‘Why are you saying that? There is a possibility to solve this problem.

Immerse yourself in the metaverse that occupies his life and his work, Employees III sees View favorite Askewniverse Randal (Jeff Anderson) going through a health crisis. As we saw in the Trailer for Kevin Smith’s next movie , one of New Jersey’s favorite know-it-all is suffering from a heart attack and is motivated to make a movie of his own. If it wasn’t for employees the story unfolded like this, we may not have understood this story at all due to Jason Mewes’ aversion to cameras.

Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson speak at the Quick Stop desk in Clerks III.

The actor who auditioned for Jay as an employee backup plan

Immerse yourself in the history of employees, Jeff Anderson revealed that the characters could have taken a different direction in Kevin Smith’s first film. Speaking in the conversation about Jason Mewes’ shyness, Anderson also revealed that instead of playing Randal, he could have taken a completely different path in the franchise!

When you and I auditioned, you had me audition for Jay, in case Jay couldn’t play Jay. It would have been a completely different movie.

If Mewes hadn’t made a mess and picked one for the team, Jeff Anderson could have been Kevin Smith’s Silent Bob alternate Jay. It’s not a completely far-fetched idea, given that Anderson has the sarcasm and general relationship with Smith to get the deed done.

No matter how bewildered you are by this “what if” scenario, it still doesn’t change the fact that Jason Mewes was the no one playing Jay. He’s also putting aside the fact that Kevin Smith just wrote to his best friend employees as a fictional character. Such friends speak a special language, which includes even the most outgoing person putting their straight partner “on the spot”. Smith knows this very well, because he has admitted to being that kind of friend.

The beauty is that it’s great in location. Sometimes you have to force it to fit it. At first it seems like Jay was like putting peanut butter in his mouth and shoving it in front of the camera. He just showed up and he was like (smacking his lips), and we could write the words to each other later. … But to see him evolve as an artist and find his strength is incredible.

It is strange to think of this alternate story that it almost was. We may have found ourselves in a reality where Jeff Anderson’s Jay meant we would see an alternate cast like, say, Ben Affleck as Randal. I could go on and on, but the possibilities of what and if here are pretty endless.

Fans don’t have to worry about that, because in this universe, the View Askewniverse Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith they are Jay and Silent Bob. Employees III Mewes’ comedic prowess and ever-changing antics will return to theaters September 13-15. You can also watch live shows on the schedule Employee III: the guided tourcomplete with accompanying questions and answers.

Source: Cinemablend

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