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Doctor Who vet Jenna Coleman happily talks about giving birth to two Johanna Constantines for Netflix’s The Sandman


On occasion The sand manon the way to his Netflix debut, fans have not only learned about it game of Thrones veterinarian Gwendoline Christie played the role of Lucifer in a sense completely removed from the titular television role of Tom Ellis but this ex Doctor who Star Jenna Coleman would play her gender swapping role in the streaming fantasy series. Coleman played Johanna Constantine, both in the role the current comic book occultist and his 18th-century ancestors, whom Keanu Reeves had previously played live in a movie, and Matt Ryan for the Arrowverse on the small screen. And you’d better believe he was extremely excited to have the opportunity to play a character outside of his traditional wheelhouse.

Before netflix subscribers dig The sand manwho was inside # 1 in the streaming service’s most viewed shows ever since , Gossipify and other outlets spoke with gothic fantasy star Jenna Coleman, who sat alongside Gwendoline Christie and her co-star Kirby Howell-Baptiste. When I asked the actress how to fit into this long-awaited adaptation as Johanna Constantine on all things Doctor whoColeman only had happy and positive things to say. This is how it started, as seen in the video above:

Yes, I mean, similar to Doctor Who in terms of exploring many worlds, kingdoms, states and travels. But yes, I mean so, so distinctive. There is a lot of talk about the difficulty of describing the Sandman. He is so distinctive and so unique. And Neil Gaiman, of which I’m obviously such a fan, so as soon as they sent it to me, it was like a no-brainer. And to be honest, just a joy. The character is so formed on the page, so complex.

Though it’s unclear whether Jenna Coleman would have been so excited to join. The sand man if Neil Gaiman hadn’t been so involved in developing the meticulous adaptation, thankfully we don’t have to worry about those assumptions, as his fingerprints are all over the extravagant ten-episode series. One of the biggest changes Gaiman and showrunner Allan Heinberg (as well as executive producer David S. Goyer) made to the comic’s source material was that John Constantine became Johanna Constantine, and although it was a little surprising that this happened, it is easy to see why. . not just given The man of the sand an opportunity to stand out from previous live footage in the Hellish grumpy, but it also gave Jenna Coleman more opportunities to shine in this fantasy universe.

The sand manThe narrative flow of Tom Sturridge’s Dream intentionally takes Tom Sturridge’s Dream on a journey through the first season, as shown in the comic, which means that fans have not received a huge amount of Johanna Constantine. But what’s there is worth savoring, both for the viewers and for Jenna Coleman herself, who she explained why she loved her roles so much.

I love it. She is hilarious and different from other characters I’ve played before. It’s cynical and dry, and there’s a lot of emotional complexity. She is a lonely warrior in the world, tortured and wounded, but hilarious and pragmatic. And of course also playing Johanna Constantine, and having the bond between these two characters who are also parents. But [with] Lady Constantine has a very different kind of cold and cunning calculation, and a very different relationship, I think, even with Dream.

From the way she talks about the character, it seems clear that Jenna Coleman took the time to figure out what made John Constantine tick and how it would work with a different kind of energy. (But with the same bi-friendly vibes as the male version of the DC character.) And it’s equally clear how fun it was for Coleman to play.

Johanna Constantine has certainly stood firm in the annals of Constantine’s performances, although the only version that Jenna Coleman knew The sand man It was the Keanu Reeves movie. Elsewhere in the interview, she and Christie were asked about their commitment to previous iterations of their characters, to which Coleman replied:

I stayed away from the other versions. I saw Constantine’s film, and then I embarked on a kind of research path on exorcists. But they sent me the scripts without telling me who I was in the first place, so I had a very instinctive reaction, seeing nothing else, just the script, the page and the character, the person in front of me. And I felt like he was so fully formed and clear, and I felt like I knew who he was instantly. So much of it was based on that and still stuck to the source material and reproduced it, rather than watching any other live action version of Constantine.

It is noteworthy that the old legends of tomorrow star Matt Ryan, of which Constantine was canceled from the show before his final season. he actually reprized the role in animated form for the Last episode (opens in a new tab) by HBO Max harley quinn, having lent his voice to the detective in feature films and television projects over the years. Will Jenna Coleman’s version live on? The man of the sand? We can only … dream. (Sorry, I had to.)

The sand man is currently available for streaming in its entirety on netflix (opens in a new tab), with the hope of a likely strong Season 2 renewal among most people who have seen it. In the meantime, come to our Program of the first TV 2022 to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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