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Duran Duran: the classic “Save a Prayer” turns 40

One of the great classics of the 80s, the song save a prayer from Duran Duran completed 40 years the 9. The song became the biggest hit of their original album, River.

save a prayer is a ballad that stands out for its exuberant keyboard arrangements that provide the perfect backdrop for romantic lyrics. Music was conceived Birminghamin England, the band’s hometown, when the keyboardist Nick Rhodes he was working on a composition aboard his synthesizer Roland SH-2 and in the sequencer CSQ-100.

“And while I was playing with that, I ran into this amazing delay that was in sequencer time, which was something I had never used on the first album like that.”She said Rhodes at the moment, explaining how the provisions for save a prayer. “And this was a slower sequence, so there was room in the song for the delay in between. It sounded really hypnotic and magical.”

Nick Rhodes arrived at the essential and complementary melodic line of the track on a synthesizer Roland Jupiter-8.

The chords of the song were chosen by Andy Taylor And Nick Rhodes and the lyrics were written by Simone Le Bon when the band was on tour at the time. The literary context of save a prayer is about a chance encounter between two people that turns into a one-night stand, which, according to Le Bon, is a story “realistic and not romantic” and it was based on the popular song If you could read my mind in Gordon Feet Light.

the success of save a prayer led the Duran Duran to win a gold record to FinlandMoreover platinum discs to Australia, New Zealand And UK and still get a double platinum record we United States of America for the above sales 2 million copies.

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