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Prey Star Amber Midthunder wonders if her character could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutchman from The Original Predator

After the success of the classic action movie of the 80s Predator, subsequent sequels to the franchise have attempted to recapture the magic of the Arnold Schwarzenegger-directed film, but few have succeeded. However, the latest entry in the series, PreyIt has been hailed by many fans as the best movie in the series since the original was released in 1987. But that brings us to this question, which protagonist is above the other: Dutch or Naru? The latest addition to the franchise, Amber Midthunder, and her colleagues have discussed this question.

When Gossipify’s Sean O’Connell spoke to director Dan Trachtenberg and the cast of the film during our San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Prey interview , asked them this question: if Dutch and Naru faced each other, who would be victorious? See how they responded in the post below:

Amber Midthunder, who plays the young Comanche warrior Naru who protects his tribe from a dangerous alien in one of the best movies on hulu , he confidently answered the question, suggesting to his director and cast that “everyone knows the right answer”. Dan Trachtenberg chose Naru, adding solid reasoning about which he is a step forward Prey this Dutch Predator does not have enough. Predator actor Dane DiLiegro, who faced tough physical challenges with her costume, said that due to Naru’s vast forest knowledge, he would choose her too. Then Half Thunder says:

I could take it.

The director agreed with her abilities, but did not think that the actress herself could learn Dutch. Amber Midthunder joked that she “now she can hunt” before saying it was right. You must love how stubborn the actress is about her character’s chances of winning this fictional battle!

Of course, this is quite subjective and where are your alliances at once Predator movies can shape their own opinion on the game. Each character comes from a completely different era. Prey is set in 1719 in the Great Plains and follows Naru as she becomes a great hunter as she defends her tribe from the alien threat. Dan Trachtenberg also wanted to contrast the two films, saying he really likes that Naru has a “see her try” story arc to get the Predator instead of a role as Dutch, who takes on the alien “nonchalantly”. Watch the entire Gossipify Prey interview:

Since its streaming release, the film has found that the Amber Midthunder-directed film has received extremely positive reviews from both critics and audiences. Just Gossipify Prey revision gave the film 4 out of 5 stars and called it “the best Predator movie in years, possibly in history”. The film also has caught the attention of OG Predator actor Bill Duke who praised Midthunder’s performance in the film.

Since its release last weekend, the film has become the No. 1 on Hulu to date, including all movies and TV series according to the streamer. If you haven’t experienced the new Predator movie, is now available to stream with a Hulu subscription .

Source: Cinemablend