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Bob Marley’s son reveals the struggle to keep his family’s catalog


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Brazilthe businessman Rohan Marleyson of the legendary Jamaican singer Bob Marley (1945-1981) spoke of the struggle his family had to go through to get the rights to his father’s musical work and clarified: “We don’t sell ourselves for the money.”

“My father had no will, so there was no money”Start Rohan Marley. “I didn’t want to stress my family, so I found my way through football. We pooled the money and got the rights back, that’s how it worked.” said the businessman who played professionally in North American football.

Rohan he also said of the difficulties in keeping his father’s catalog with the family: “It cost a few million dollars and we were very young, we have to borrow it.”

About the possibilities of selling the catalog of Bob Marleythe entrepreneur points out: “Someone could have bought Bob Marley’s legacy and catalog, but we never will. We will never sell it. The family fought hard, so we don’t sell ourselves for the money. We work too hard for it and it’s not our right. put a price on what our father did “Locked down.

Bob Marley is included in the famous list of greatest artists of all time from rolling stone. The legend of the reggae already sold more than 75 million records worldwide.

He died due to a cancer in May 11, 1981 in Miami (United States).

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