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O Grilo releases ‘Cajueiro’, an EP with two unreleased songs: ‘Something completely new’ [EXCLUSIVA]

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In conversation with Rolling Stone Brasil, the band O Grilo revealed the inspirations behind the tracks and the details of the EP’s production

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Colorful flowers, refreshing shade, juicy fruits and a tropical vibe overflow through the lyrics of the band’s two new songs. the cricket. Released on EP cashew tree this Friday, the 19th, the tracks recall a quiet summer afternoon and, according to the vocalist Pedro Martins and the bass player Gabriel Cavallaribring different inspirations.

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In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone Brazilthe artists talked about the unreleased EP, hours before meeting with the drummer Lucas Teixeira and the guitarist Felipe “Fepa” Martins for a show in Belo Horizonte. From the hotel room, then, Pedro and Gabriel talked about the production of the songs and about the partnership that exists behind them.

It turns out that, quite different from the band’s first album, You do not know anything(2021), the EP cashew tree was born from the collaboration ofthe cricket with a brand. “It was something completely new,” he explained. Gabriel. “We didn’t even have the songs written.”

That’s how, in a matter of two short months, the boys d’the cricket not only immersed themselves in the corporate universe, but also composed the songs, invited partners and produced the EP. “It was a lean project,” said the bassist. “But it was a very interesting challenge forthe cricketthis question of making music with detachment from time.”

For Pedro, the dynamic process has proven that they can create quickly without sacrificing quality. “It’s something we always said we had, but this time it was put to the test”, commented the vocalist. “And just because we’re doing something in partnership with a brand doesn’t mean we’re going to make a marketing stop.”

The central idea of ​​the project was that it would be something interesting for both sides”, he explained. Gabriel, which also works with branding. “The creative exercise of making the music in a more immediate way was very interesting. And that didn’t stop us from exploring new features. We are always trying to do something new.”

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‘Cajueiro’ and ‘For Taste’

Composed of classic traits d’the cricket, the new EP has two tracks, ‘Pelo Gosto Que As Notas Leave in Boca’ and ‘Cajueiro’. And, despite having been created from a partnership with a brand, the songs carry a lot of the creativity of the four artists, as the company they worked with left them quite free during production.

“There were fewer demands and more suggestions [da marca]”, explained Pedro. We don’t see anything as a limitation. So why not step out of your comfort zone? They followed the whole process, but were very receptive.”

There was also the fact that, of course, the EP was much more experimental than the band’s first album, for example. “An EP, the singles, are precisely projects for us to extrapolate this creativity and test new things, for us to gain maturity and make a second album”, he pondered. Gabriel.

For this reason, the EP brings with it a strong characteristic ofthe cricket, which is a mixture of styles and inspirations. A process that, according to Pedro, “it is not intentional, it is not conscious, it just happens”. Thus, while the track ‘Cajueiro’ brings samba rock references, the melody of ‘Pelo Gosto’ has a bit of xote and forró.

‘Cajueiro’ has a lot of samba rock, so we got a lot of references from Your George, Jorge Ben Jo”, explained Gabriel. “So there are some more obvious references, but there’s still a part, in the middle of the song, that has a lower tone, a progressiveness d’the cricket.”

“There is a very strong dynamic in ‘Cajueiro’”, continued Pedro. “’For Taste’ doesn’t have as much dynamics, but it does have a chorus with a muffler. I think the bulk [que inspirou a faixa] is ‘Watercolor’, from toquinho. But one of the coolest parts of the song is the triangle we put in it, because it’s a half xote, half forró trait.”

With references to songs by Marcelo D2 and even to the movie Lion Kingthe “homemade” tracks, produced by Fepain partnership with the label rockambole, are now available to the public. Next week, the cricketwill release the official video for ‘Cajueiro’ and, later, in September, the band will also perform at the renowned Rock in Rio.

“The Cricket is half a laboratory”, concluded Pedro. “And this EP was crucial for us to understand some things, extrapolate some ideas to gain baggage for when we go to do a bigger project.” And, according to the artists, the new projects are already in the oven, uniting a thousand references and promising to thrill for the taste that the notes leave in the mouth.

Check out the band’s two new tracks below. the cricket:

Source: Rollingstone

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