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The work travels through the countryside, reaches 12 thousand people and opens up space for new talents

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The ‘A Caminho do Interior’ project, by the Consulate of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute, travels through 15 cities of São Paulo

The opera would only start at 21:00, but the movement was already strong in front of the theater of São José do Rio Preto in the late afternoon. “He was a child”, recalls producer Paulo Ésper. “We also had doubts as to whether it was really for the opera.” But it was, and hours later, the 900-seat theater was packed.

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The city was one of fifteen in the interior of São Paulo which, since August, has received a production of the work The Pagliacci, by Leoncavallo. Fourteen performances have already been performed: Americana (this Thursday 25th), Rio Claro (Friday 26th) and Jacareí (Sunday 28th) are still missing. In all, 12,000 people watched the show.

The project is part of the series On the way inland, the Italian Consulate in Sao Paulo and the Italian Cultural Institute. The goal is to bring productions to the countryside, spreading genres and shows that are not usually in local programming. And give young artists the opportunity to perfect their work.

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“We work to promote Italian culture and going to the countryside is a natural path, because there is a large Italian community whose work mixes with the history of the state “, says Michele Gialdroni, director of the local communities institute. And the work, of course, has a strong link with the identity of the Italian people. But many people, despite having heard of it, have not had the opportunity to see it live, at the theater “, he adds.

“There is a vast offer of theaters within São Paulo, some more equipped, some less. But these are spaces that can and should be occupied, because they are important for the communities and also because they can act as a stage, between other possibilities, for the new generations of artists “, says Ésper, who is the director Opera di San Paolo companywhich for twenty years has also organized the Maria Callas Contest, dedicated to the discovery of young talents.


Bringing the same show to fifteen cities is no easy task. In addition to the transport and suitability of the sets, there are also artistic issues. “In different cities there are different orchestras, with conductors with new ideas in terms of interpretation, which take time to rehearse”, explains Ésper – in Sao Paulo the accompaniment was Symphony of Santo André and other groups have participated, such as the Santos Symphony, the Ribeirão Preto and the Rio Claro Philharmonic or the Americana Symphony.

It takes work, but it’s worth it, says the soprano Thayana Roverso, which operated in five cities. “From the stage you can feel the attention of the audience, it’s a very strong feeling,” she says. “And then, speaking with people, you realize that they lived it intensely. They talk about the characters, the story, the result. It is clear how the work can have a direct relationship with the heart of the public”.

Source: Terra

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