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Antonio Minuzzi talks about the details of Gretchen’s intimate operation

Singer Gretchen is, without a doubt, one of the icons of aesthetics in Brazil when it comes to novelties in the segment. Also for this reason, it was he who recently made intimate plastic surgery famous throughout the country. It is a procedure that rejuvenates and improves the aesthetics of the female genitals through specific reductions of areas of the region and volume fillings when necessary.

According to the plastic surgeon Antonio Carlos Minuzzi Filhothe procedure can have two main focuses: rejuvenation (Treat changes made by time) e anatomical aesthetics (Treat the patient’s own characteristics, such as asymmetry of the vaginal lips or their exaggerated growth).

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In general, the treatment can be purely aesthetic or, like most plastic surgeries, it also has a clinical function: “This plastic surgery also serves to improve the discomfort women experience during sexual intercourse or during intimate contact or even to facilitate the use of panties and bikinis. In the lives of patients”explains Minuzzi son.

We United Statesfor clinical purposes, surgery is performed in patients with 12 years of age or older. In Brazil it is already more common among women afterwards 45 years, but every day more women in the house 20-30 years they complained about the aesthetics of the intimate region.

“It is a surgery in which the practitioner must master the techniques, but it is minimally invasive and quite safe. The risk of any complication is minimal compared to other procedures and the most important thing is that the patient always follows all guidelines first and foremost. after the procedure “concludes the expert.

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