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Lil Nas X becomes an animated hero in the new “League Of Legends” music video.

Riot Games has released the video of “Star Walking”, the official theme of the 2022 World Cup, the new world tournament of “League of Legends”, which was recorded by rapper Lil Nas X.

The clip is an anime showing the challenges of the players, as well as the heroic style rapper himself, entitled to the superhero cape.

Earlier this week, the star got excited about the project and proclaimed herself president of “LOL”.

“I’ve made my mark on pop culture in so many ways, and now it’s time to take on the gaming world. I’ll be the greatest League of Legends president of all time,” he said in a video posted to his. networks. “I will also do the best world anthem of all time and perform the biggest, most beautiful and sexiest worlds in the history of all worlds,” he added.

Little Nas X has also collaborated on the creation of a skin for the new champion of the tournament, called K’Sante, Pride of Nazumah, which will be unveiled on November 3 and will be available for the game from the 14 of the same month. .

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