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1 month after the arrest, what is MC Kauan’s situation like


The police carried out an arrest warrant against the artist in São Vicente, on the coast of São Paulo, for allegedly drug trafficking

or singer MC Kauan, also known among his fans as Koringa, was arrested 1 month ago for alleged drug trafficking in São Vicente, on the coast of São Paulo. The arrest took place after the appeal presented by the Public Prosecutor of the State of São Paulo (MP-SP) was accepted by the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo (TJ-SP).

On August 30, the prison was moved to a semi-open regime. According to Marcelo and Yuri Cruz, the artist’s lawyers, the transition of the regime took place after the approval of a special appeal by the defense to the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ).

“We had already achieved a victory in this sense, so that he could start serving his sentence in semi-open. Today the Brasilia order was executed ”, the lawyers revealed to TV Tribuna, a subsidiary of TV Globo on the coast.

The goal of MC Kauan’s defense is to ensure that the artist has the right to serve his sentence in an open regime or to render service to the community.

At the age of 31, this is the second time the young funk singer has been arrested on the same charge. The first time, in 2014, police said they found the artist with cocaine pins and perfume bottles on a beach in São Vicente.

This police version that the MC was dealing with has always been contested by friends and by Kauan’s defense.

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