Home Music Martinho brings Vila Isabel to SP; watch more shows this weekend

Martinho brings Vila Isabel to SP; watch more shows this weekend


Pitty and Nando Reis and Uruguayan Jorge Drexler are other highlights

or Martin is from Vila (Isabella). She has an accent, samba and a carioca style. However, she doesn’t forget that she was inside St. Paul that he, then an army sergeant, took his first steps in music.

Therefore, the title he chose for the show, or Carioca Paulista, it is entirely appropriate. “I come from Rio de Janeiro, but artistically I was born in Sao Paulo, in 3rd Brazilian Folk Music Festival (1967)“, he tells Estadão, about the event that was the kick-off of Tropicália.

And to nullify an old rivalry, he vehemently guarantees that the claim that São Paulo is the tomb of the samba does not correspond to reality. “I disagree, I disagree! Many sambas were born in the city that has Adoniran Barbosa And Paolo Vanzolini as exponents, “he notes.

For the show’s repertoire, the 84-year-old samba singer will feature career hits, including, Sing, Canta Minha Gente, Casa de Bamba, Brazilian watercolor and women, in a repertoire that includes samba de parte-alto, de roda, plot and romantic songs.

At the end of the show, Martinho will receive the audience for an evening of autographs for his latest book, sensual tales And Everything else. “I don’t really like talking about my books. I like being read! I can say it’s my first story. Sensuals are love stories and Algo Mais brings extras, which don’t have much to do with sensuality”, he He says.

Sat (24), 22h. Tokyo Navy Hall. R. Bragança Paulista, 1281, Chácara Santo Antônio. BRL 120 / BRL 220. Tickets.

Pitty and Nando Reis

on tour Yours, mine and ours, Sin And Nando Reis put together repertoires and create new versions for songs like All Star, Mask, By your side and adores me, in addition to the partnership they have together, Tiro no Coração. Today (23), 10:30 pm. Unique space. R. Tagipuru, 795, Barra Funda. BRL 120 / BRL 280. Buy tickets.

Jorge Drexler

The Uruguayan singer-songwriter residing in Spain presents his new tour, ink and time, based on the album of the same name, released this year with unreleased tracks. In addition to the new compositions, the Drexler, Brazilian music fan, has to submit some songs in Portuguese. Sat (24), 21h. Vibrates St. Paul. Av. Of the United Nations, 17.955, Vila Almeida. BRL 160 / BRL 420. Secure your place.


The Belgian band presents the show Piazzolla Rovira, the night of the meeting in which he celebrates the legacy of Argentine composers Astor Piazzolla, in songs like Bandoneon, Guitarra y Bajo and Calle 92, and Eduardo Rovira, in compositions such as A Marambio Catan and Calle 6. 4th (28), 21h. Unimed Theater. Al. Santos, 2159, Jardins. BRL 140 / BRL 350. Buy here.

Gypsy kings

André Reys, one of the founders of Gypsy kingspresents a show with the greatest hits of the gypsy group on tour I was born Gitano Tour. Hits like Bamboleo and Djobi, Djoba are in the script. 4th (28), 21h. Vibrates St. Paul. Av. Of the United Nations, 17.955, Vila Almeida. BRL 260 / BRL 560. Tickets.

Alaide Costa

in the show The Lady of the Songthe singer does a career retrospective performing songs that have marked her career and classics of Brazilian music, including, pencil forê, in Tom JobimAnd Who am I Johnny’s alpha Sat (24), 19h; Sun. (25), 20h. Sergio Cardoso Theater. R, Rui Barbosa, 153, Bela Vista. Free. Buy your ticket.

Joyce Moreno

The singer makes the tour debut of her new album, Brazilian songs, which contains previously unreleased songs. With the participation of singer-songwriter Zé Renato, the show still retains classics such as Medo of Amar and Upa, Neguinho. Sun. (25), 18:00. Sesc Pinheiros. R. Pais Leme, 195, Pinheiros. BRL 12 / BRL 40. Buy here.

João Carlos Martins

front Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra SESI-SP, the teacher João Carlos Martins shows traces of historical films such as Gone with the Wind, ET – The extraterrestrial, spotlights, The Godfather, Paradise cinema, Indiana Jones And 007. The tenor Cesar Camargo and the soprano Karen Stephanie participate in some numbers. Today (11pm), 10pm. Tokyo Marina Hall. R. Bragança Paulista, 1281, Chácara Santo Antônio. BRL 80 / BRL 200. Secure your place.

Virgilino Trio

One of the most important representatives of the forró, the trio Adelmo Nascimento (triangle), Roberto Pinheiro (zabumba) and Robson Pinheiro (accordion) presents pieces such as Qui Nem Jiló, Frevo Mulher and Isso Aqui Tá Bom Demais. Thursday (29), 20:30. Sesc Osasco. Av. Visc. de Nova Granada, 513, Osasco. BRL 9 / BRL 30. Tickets here.

Lourdez da Luz

The São Paulo singer and rapper makes a presentation in which she sings the repertoire of her three albums, Lurdez da Luz, Gana Pelo Bang, Acrux – Ao Vivo, as well as showing the new songs Modo Aletário and Devastada. Singer Karina Buhr makes a special appearance. Sat (24), 20h. Sun. (25), 18:00. 24 May Section R. May 24, 109, República. BRL 12 / BRL 40. Secure your place.

Silvia Machete

The singer presents the show Rhonda in which she sings, in English, original songs, as well as a song by Tim Maiacall With no one else around. Singers Ana Frango Elétrico and Negro Leo make a special appearance. Today (11pm), 9pm. Sesc Pompeii. R. Clélia, 93, Água Branca. BRL 12 / BRL 40. Secure your place.

Jorge and Matteo

The country duo is the main attraction of the event, which will also bring together the pagodas group Menos é Mais and Dennis DJ. Sun. (25), 12: 00/22: 00. Ibirapuera Park. Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s / nº, Vila Mariana. BRL 350 / BRL 440. Buy here.

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