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The Farm: Ellen Cardoso, Naldo’s wife, reports the attempted rape

In conversation with pedestrians this Sunday night (2), in Reality show The farm from Record TV, Elena Cardosoknown as Strawberry Shortcake exposed to attempted rape who suffered.

The former funk dancer reported that she recently gave birth to her first child at the time and was still breastfeeding.

“I was still breastfeeding, I had recently given birth to my first child, on my way home I saw a man approaching, I accelerated my pace, but he reached me and pushed me against a wall, I looked in all ways of pulling a clip I had in my hair to pierce it, because I knew I couldn’t stand to get into a physical fight, put my hands inside my shirt when a car came towards us and threw the light high above, I didn’t do it I don’t know if we were together so I didn’t ask the driver for help, I just knew how to run until I got to the church and was rescued “said the singer’s wife Naldo Benny.

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Source: Terra