Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Giulia Be reflects the relationship of love and time in “Desficava”

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Singer Giulia Be launch this Friday (30) the unreleased track faded, where the artist reflects on the relationship between love and time. The single, already available on digital platforms via Warner Music, won a lyric video official on the artist’s channel Youtube.

The relationship between love and time seems relative, but, if we stop and think about it, they are two points on which we cannot go back, even if this is a desire many times. When using the Portuguese language, words with the prefix “a” they represent this will to change something present, expressing the idea of ​​a contrary action.

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This is the premise Giulia Be characterizes the new single, immersed in a sunny atmosphere, which expresses the feeling of wanting to create a time machine to get rid of a love that is no longer useful.

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“disabled”, “disabled” And “take away” they are actions and feelings that got a name in the pun created by the singer in the composition. Who has never wanted to go back to the past “delete” with someone?

“The way we relate to time can be measured in different ways, even by the words we use. ‘Numb’ arises from this feeling of wanting to go back in time and rewrite the past, altering a timeline in which you would not have committed. the same mistakes or attitudes, I believe this is a feeling that many people will reconnect with.Comments Giulia Be.

In production, he had Paul Ralphes, the song is initially guided by the guitar in a melody that speaks to the text in a sincere and light way. A curiosity is that, in the studio, the piece ended with a to take unique, that Giulia he originally recorded it thinking it was only going to be for a demo, but in the end he liked it.

“A few years ago I was recording hundreds of takes, but one of the wisdoms I learned from my years in this industry is to understand that insisting on perfection sometimes means giving up something that was naturally magical. We knew that sincerity and lightness in shooting would not be replicable. , because I had really recorded it without any worries behind my back and with a lot of sincerity in the gogó “explains the singer. “So you don’t need a time machine to redo or undo versions”, jokes.

watch faded:

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