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Thor 4: Fans point out ‘mistake’ in trailer; understand


The trailer for Thor 4: Love and Thunder was released last Monday, 18

After marvel studios publicize the trailer of Thor 4: Love and Thunder (2022) last Monday, 18, some fans used social networks to point out an alleged “error” present in the preview. (Via CineBuzz)

Several Twitter users noticed that the Thunder God interpreter, Chris Hemsworth, appears with two blue eyes in a close-up. The detail is strange because Thor lost one of his eyes throughout the MCU movies. The hero even wore an eye patch and later gained an artificial brown eye.

As we know, the Marvel has a habit of putting intriguing details in trailers, precisely to make the public analyze and debate among themselves. In this case, it is possible that Thor regain his blue eye somehow in the film, despite the event not being portrayed in the trailer.

Thor 4: Love and Thunder

In 2019, Thor 4was announced during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, when Natalie Portman took the stage to reveal her comeback as Jane Foster. In addition, the character will wield Mjolnirhammer of God of thunder. Directed by Taika Waititithe production is scheduled for release on July 7, 2022 in theaters.

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