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Film about Gal Costa will be expanded after the singer’s death

“My name is Gal” will have changes, even with finished footage

My name is galbiopic of Gal Costafilming was finished when the production and Brazil received news of the singer’s death. Dandara Ferreiraco-director of the film, explained the option to expand the feature film in an interview with the newspaper The globe🇧🇷

“Now, this film that was supposed to be a tribute to gal gained another importance, another meaning, more comprehensive. In the interview of Gabrielher son, to Fantastic, he confesses that he had no idea how big his mother was, and wanted to find out a little more about her. Then the My name is gal it also needs to be a movie for the Gabriel and for all those who feel like him,” he argued.

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The highlight of the film would be the disc release. Fa-tal —Gal in full swingbut a new ending is necessary, believe me Dandara: “The career of gal is much more extensive, a lot has happened over the last five decades. We need to find an ending that goes to that place of joy, of a song that reached a lot of people. I want to rethink that conclusion a little bit.”

“Opening the camera? That’s not it. Using archival footage? I still don’t know. But I want to bring things that contemplate this woman’s story more,” completed the filmmaker.

My name is gal is slated to premiere in March 2023.

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