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Biel’s physical transformation through crossfit, according to trainer Paulo Klein

He’s always been skinny, but he never stopped being crush of many teenagers. But time after time, Bielwhich he took MC of his stage name, he focused on make your body more muscular and physically conditioned, all this after your participation in reality The Farm 21 from Record TV🇧🇷

To explain the transformation of her body and her lifestyle, the ATM he invited the coach in crossfit Paul Kleinto explain how the singer conquered this definition.

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According to the expert, when he follows the singer’s routine on the Internet, he is very focused on his WOODabbreviation referring to the expression in English workout of the day, or the workout of the day. The objective of the WOD is to make the various physical capacities of the body work intensely, so that the practitioner has a metabolic acceleration and a great energy expenditure.

“Biel has proven to be disciplined in Crossfit. The workouts of the day aim to constantly vary the stimuli, so they are unlikely to repeat themselves during the week. This variety makes Crossfit a stimulating and dynamic modality, as the practitioners perform different movements in each class and work the whole body together. There is no monotony, which is perhaps one of the explanations for the success of the singer’s body”concludes Paul Klein🇧🇷

The singer who broke out with success Chemistry 🇧🇷“Oh I’m coming huh / Oh what is this huh”) have been out of the Brazilian music market for a while, but recently released another promising hit Millions sitting who has the clip taped next to his wife and mother of your daughter stonesinger bajana Thais Reiswhich was also successful with the blow machine gun wall🇧🇷

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