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Alcione will be a boxing muse at the Rio Carnival

One month to go Carnival of 2023 and preparations to commemorate the date are in full swing. And following this rhythm, this Friday (20th), the cabin no. 1traditional event of the iconic holiday that shakes the Marquis of Sapucai 33 years ago, announces the singer Alcyone as a muse of 2023 edition.

With a music career of 50 years old and full of successes, the artist is considered one of the biggest names in national samba. And the choice for Alcyone joining the team of muses, started from the constant desire of the aforementioned box to honor the history, names, aspects and characteristics that represent the Brazilian Carnival, a concept present in the lineup and in the scenography of the edition.

For the interpreter of Don’t let Samba die It is a great emotion to hold the position, especially on such an important date for your career: “Cabin No. 1 is one of the most celebrated spaces in Sapucaí during Carnival for its animation, relaxation and merriment, which are also the main characteristics of what is the largest popular festival in the world. And I, who love the Carnival and I am completing 50 years of career, I felt very honored to have been invited to become Muse Nº1”I count.

In addition to the novelties, the event focuses on the diversity of rhythms in 2023, with attractions ranging from Samba, a characteristic genre of the Carnival, to funk, MPB, rap And electronic music.

Among the major highlights of the edition are silvarevelation of the new MPB and the rap singer Shaman, known for success The bad guy 3, successful plays on streaming platforms. In addition to the artists, the event will receive a special trio formed by Rebecca, Lexa And MC Marcinhoplaying carioca funk classics during the presentation.

Dudu Novemberwhich interprets the Samba Nº1, initials of the edition, will be responsible for commanding the Roda de Samba of the event. In addition to the singer from Rio de Janeiro, which is part of the align of the event since 2018, the pagode group DPD Board of Directors it will make the revelers happy.

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