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Vanessa Raquel remembers the birth of her first daughter and moves the web with photos

Vanessa Raquel recalled on social media one of the most unforgettable moments of his life: the birth of his first daughter, ayra. Result of influencer relationship with Charles Reksonyoutuber and channel owner wild comedythe little girl came into the world and transformed the sense of motherhood into the life of the woman of the north-east. “I’ve always been told that, but experiencing it was incredible. Today I feel complete”Comments.

Vanessathat has 660 thousand followers on Instagram AND 1 million subscribers on YouTubeShe gave birth ayra through natural childbirth.

“This moment is truly a rite of passage, I was reborn. Childbirth is love, life and rebirth. It is a unique moment, very difficult to translate emotion into words”currency, thanking the team responsible for the arrival of the girl and her husband, Charles Rekson.

“I have no words to describe how much his presence strengthened me during the birth. Every word of encouragement, every welcoming gesture, every physical and emotional support made me feel like we were giving birth together. There, her strength was mine and we were truly together, as always. She reminded me that I could not give up because of the pain, because it was she who drove and carried our daughter “moves her, remembering something said by Charles Rekson at the time of birth of the heiress.

“She told me, ‘Vanessa, you’re strong, I know your strength and I know it, now it’s action. You’ve already won. Now prove it! As she said, what brings results is action, and I’ve transformed and won myself thanks to you I did it again”to celebrate.

According to the influencer, the arrival of ayra it made her a much stronger woman. “It made me reflect on how much I’ve changed and how much today I don’t think and am no longer the Vanessa I used to be. Today I’m much more mature and sensitive. I always want to see her happy by following our teachings”, ends.

Source: Terra

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