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“The right moment to honor this woman that I love so much”

January cover of Rolling Stone Brasil, Manu Gavassi talked about the recently released Acústico MTV in which he sings Fruto Proibido, by Rita Lee

The intimate atmosphere of Acoustic MTV: Manu Gavassi sings O Fruto Proibido it’s not just about the cozy decor, or the proximity between the stage and the audience. Far beyond nostalgic setlistthe special released last Thursday, the 2nd, also marks the meeting of two artists who have a lot in common.

It was the night of November 1, 2022. On stage, a band formed only by women, whose costumes made reference to thrift store clothes worn by Rita Lee and hair Mutants in the 1970s. Later, with a cup of tea in hand, Manu Gavassi was preparing for a great homage to the homonym forbidden fruit.

The idea, according to the 30-year-old singer herself, told on the January cover of Rolling Stone Brazilwas born out of an invitation to the MTV acoustic. “When I received the honor of doing the show, I thought a lot,” he said. Manu. “Me and Felipe Simas we had the same intuition of ‘what if we turned this into a tribute?’.”

So, in a matter of seconds, it was decided that, in that special, Manu Gavassi would celebrate the career of one of the greatest figures in national music. “It was the right time to honor this woman that I love so much in the right way, mixing her universe with a little bit of mine”, recalled the singer.

Manu Gavassi for RS

It turns out that, long before the show that Tuesday, the story between Manu It is Rita Lee dates back years and marks an admiration that does not stop at music. “I read the autobiography of Rita and I was completely crazy about her writing,” she recalled. Manu.

Since then, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into her story, from the Mutants. Understanding how poppy she was, how pop barely existed. How she always thought of everything. I think the Rita very restless as an artist and that inspires me a lot.”

No wonder, Rita Lee became the muse of several lyrics by Manusince “It must be horrible to sleep without me” (“Mix of Rita with amelie“), until “Bossa Nossa” (“I never liked the Mutants without the Rita Lee”). Thus, it was also not difficult to decide who would be honored by the MTV acoustic — it only remained to decide which would be the setlist of the show.

She was my age when she launched forbidden fruitand it was her emancipation, the beginning of a very successful career independent of the Mutants and as a woman. That’s all that the forbidden fruit represents to me. That’s why we decided to honor and re-record this album”, explained Gavassi.

Cover Manu Gavassi

Also composed of tracks from the discography of the ManuO MTV acoustic set out to celebrate — and present to new generations — the great forbidden fruit1975. Quite intimate, mainly due to the presence of friends and family of Gavassithe show also had the presence of linker It is Tim Bernardes on the stage.

Even during the interview, Manu remembered the day when Rita Lee praised the MTV acoustic on the social networks. “It’s surreal to think that I can make this tribute and that she can feel honored, respected. We’ve already exchanged messages and that’s why I felt confident in doing the show. She knows the affection I have for her story.”

Now available in the catalog of Paramount+the new MTV acoustic is one of the projects that Manu Gavassi star in 2023. “It was amazing how much fun I had. I was very honored to be able to do this, Rita have felt flattered. It’s a project that I can’t believe I did and for which I have a lot of affection”, he said. Manufinally.

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Source: Rollingstone

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