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Zoo invites Ramana Borba to choreograph single “Pantera”

ZOO has a strong partner in promoting her new single, Panther: the choreography of the dancer Ramana Borba. With production of Paul Bishop, ruxel AND TAPSthe music already surpasses 305 thousand streams and it came accompanied by video.

“I am very happy with the release of ‘Pantera’, because this song was born from my desire to have a zouk. I have always loved Latin dances and, for a long time, I have attended dances where I danced rhythms such as bachata, salsa, wheel of the casino, zouk… And that’s where the inspiration for the beat came from,” he explains. zoo. “The lyrics were inspired by the late actress Maria Alice Vergueiro, who starred in one of the biggest memes of the 2000s, the famous ‘tapa na pantera’ video, which refers to cannabis use. One of the things that struck me happiest was working on this song with such special and talented people, including Pablo Bispo and Ruxell, one of the biggest national producers. I also had the honor of having the singer Priscilla Alcantara vocally direct this project and have the music video being choreographed by dancer Ramana Borb“.

Photo: Trumpas | Fb Vasconcelos

And he warned: “Pantera” is part of my first album, which will be released in April this year. I’m so excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to show you all!”

Ramana completed: “It was an honor to be able to choreograph this song together with Zoo. We had a very special exchange to arrive at the ideal final result. For me, ‘Pantera’ portrays women who are not afraid to be themselves, to express what they they try and they want to. Dancing to a song that glorifies it is very liberating. Deep down, we all have our ‘Panther’ side. I hope people enjoy, dance and sing this anthem a lot.”


Source: Terra

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