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Criticism of ‘A new world’, the new social drama by Vincent Lindon

The film, directed by Stéphane Brizé, had its international premiere at the latest edition of the Malaga Festival.

After portraying the drama of unemployment in ‘The Law of the Market’ (2015) and the trade union struggle in ‘At War’ (2018), Stéphane Briz concludes his work trilogy with ‘A New World’, in which an honest businessman (Vincent Lindon) must contend with a global corporate jungle, a failing marriage and his son’s psychological breakdown. An ominous narrative framework that the French filmmaker turns into a moral fable about a family’s struggle against the dehumanizing force of capitalism.

Recognized as a sensitive heir to the rebellious spirit of Ken Loach, Briz takes advantage of the occasion to assert himself as something more than a craftsman of social cinema. In fact, the best passages in ‘A New World’ owe less to the script than to the work of staging, which leads the film towards the contemplation of the work of an actor, Lindon, at the top of his art. Few performers are capable of turning a simple transition scene – when, for example, the protagonist trudges through a mountain of bureaucratic paperwork – into a revealing moment, charged with drama and significance.

For fans of the most affective social cinema.

The best: a Vincent Lindon in a state of grace.

The worst: the humanism of the film can be confused with a utopia.


Direction: Stephane Brize Distribution: Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain and Antony Bajon Original title: an other world Country: France Year: 2021 Release date: 13–05-2022 Gender: Drama Film script: Stephane Brize, Olivier Gorce Duration: 96 min.

Synopsis: A manager of a large company, his wife and family; at a time when his career choices affect everyone’s lives. Philipe Lemesley and his wife separate, their relationship has not resisted the pressures of work. After decades as a top manager of an industrial group, Philippe no longer knows how to respond to the company’s inconsistent demands of him. The time comes when he has to take stock and decide the meaning of his life.

Source: Fotogramas

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