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Criticism of ‘The turtle maneuver’, the new from the director of ‘Roof and food’

Natalia de Molina repeats with Juan Miguel del Castillo in this thriller that adapts the novel by Benito Olmo.

Do not look for novelty in the adaptation of Juan Miguel del Castillo (‘Roof and food’) of the book by Benito Olmo. Inspector Bianquetti (Fred Tatien) investigates the death of a teenager in Cádiz, as a second chance to execute the death of his own daughter. A crouching beast, unscrupulous muscle but with a good heart, Bianquetti finds her beauty in Natalia de Molina, a nurse harassed by a thick and concrete fear that comes from her past.

The carranclón of the formula and its roles (updated, not questioned) germinates in a field well irrigated by the forms of the new Spanish noir, town bar thrillers and dumpy police station. Here Cádiz is a first-rate landscape: the city is suspended between soulless polygons, as if it were always stopped in the late afternoon. It is the perfect setting for the blows of (machista) violence that shake us from paralysis, the news that outside the cinema shows that we do have reasons for concern.

To vindicate the urgency of a new Spanish noir cinema.

The best: Natalia de Molina puts fear into our bodies.

The worst: the rest works, but with too many problems.


Direction: Juan Miguel del Castillo Distribution: Natalia de Molina, Ignacio Mateos, Mona Martinez, Carlos Manuel Diaz and Gerardo de Pablos Original title: The Turtle Maneuver Country: Spain Year: 2021 Release date: 13–05-2022 Gender: thriller Film script: Juan Miguel del Castillo, Jose Rodriguez. Book: Benito Olmo Duration: 103 minutes

Synopsis: Inspector Manuel Bianquetti is forced to accept a transfer to the Cádiz police station. His initial tranquility will be broken by the discovery of the corpse of a young woman who will remind him of a past that torments him. Despite the opposition of his superiors, Bianquetti will embark on a solitary crusade to catch the culprit, following evidence that could be the fruit of his imagination. His neighbor, a frail nurse harassed by her ex-partner, seems to be the only person on his side.

Source: Fotogramas

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