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Criticism of ‘Beautiful Minds’, the heiress of ‘Untouchable’

The film won the Audience Award at the Malaga Festival.

The films that belong to that genre that in English are called feel good movies, with its positive vision of existence and commitment to optimism, like ‘CODA’ (S. Heder, 2021), the recent Oscar winner, do not have good press. They are, however, the most comforting and the ones that are most needed in times like the present. ‘Marvelous Minds’, a delightful dramatic comedy in the wake of ‘Intocable’ (O. Nakache and . Toledano, 2011), belongs to this type of cinema. It narrates the meeting of two very different men: Louis, owner of a funeral home, and Igor, a young man affected by cerebral palsy, happy with his precarious job as a delivery man. Chance brings them together on a very peculiar trip, to the chagrin of the first and the joy of the second, but they get to know each other and a sincere and deep friendship arises between them. It is moving the contrast between the mental barriers that grip Louis, who closed in on himself refuses to accept his loneliness, and the good spirit with which Igor, who is well aware of his situation, faces the situation. limitations of it.

For viewers who trust the cinema as a joyful school of life.

The best: the energy that Alexandre Jollien transmits.

The worst: the message of the film is sometimes a bit forced.


Direction: Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien Distribution: Bernard Campan, Maryline Canto, Laëtitia Eïdo, Alexandre Jollien, Tiphaine Daviot, Julie-Anne Roth, La Castou Original title: preque Country: France Year: 2021 Release date: 13–05-2022 Gender: Dramatic comedy Film script: Bernard Campan, Alexandre Jollien Duration: 92 min.

Synopsis: Louis runs a funeral home. Confirmed bachelor, he lives dedicated to his work. By a chance of life, he will cross paths with Igor, a sharp spirit in a disabled body due to cerebral palsy. Igor hands out organic vegetables while he spends his free time reading Socrates, Nietzsche and Spinoza. Together they will undertake a ‘road movie’ in Louis’s hearse to transport the body of the late Madeleine to the place where she is to be buried.

Source: Fotogramas

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