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Criticism of ‘JFK: Case reviewed’, Oliver Stone’s return to Dallas

The documentary film, directed by Oliver Stone, reviews all the data studied on the Kennedy assassination in 1963.

    In 1991, Oliver Stone presented his ‘JFK: Open Case’ with the intention of bringing to the general public the compilation of proven irregularities in the official version of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. With the story of prosecutor Jim Garrison as the central axis, he managed to penetrate with a fast-paced story that, despite its long duration, kept an audience hooked that never forgot that the president fell backwards and to the left.

    Three decades later, the filmmaker returns to Dallas in ‘JFK: Case Revisited’ to show official documents, expert statements and all kinds of declassified reports that underline his version and demonstrate the botched CIA. An entire anthology of evidence on the well-known farce presented in two overwhelming hours devoid of narrative intentionality. A crude bet, a collection of endless denials that is not intended to serve as entertainment, but as a naked statement of the truth defended by Stone. A logical bet given the impossibility of overcoming the chapter of ‘Seinfeld’ of the magical spit.

    For refuters of official truths and compilers of unappealable data

    The best: accept its status as a biblical collection of facts.

    The worst: the disappearance of any cinematographic intention.


    Direction: Oliver Stone Original title: JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass Country: USA Year: 2021 Release date: 20–05-2021 Gender: Documentary film Film script: James DiEugenio Duration: 115 minutes

    Synopsis: Features declassified files related to the assassination of President Kennedy that attempt to shed light on what happened in 1963.

    Source: Fotogramas

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