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Criticism of ‘Assassin’s Game’, the return of Joe Carnahan

Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo lead the cast of this adrenaline thriller.

    Joe Carnahan has been considered a kind of student, a competent but minor mule, of Tarantino and Guy Ritchie. Repeated practitioner of that not to go Testosterone, referential and raised eyebrow associated with the beginning of those, however, the careful observation of films as appreciable as ‘Narc’ (2002), ‘Hot Aces’ (2007) or ‘Muere Otra Vez’ (2021) already allowed come to the same conclusion as now, after this resounding last feature film, it seems more than evident: that Carnahan is not following in the footsteps of the directors of ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Lock & Stock’ – he lacks the Grade A cinephilia of the first and the nihilistic wit of the second–, but rather shares with them the fixation with the same type of pre-80’s thriller with a western aroma that one identifies with the Siegel-Eastwoods, Walter Hill or even the Carpenter who signed ‘Assault on the 13th district police station’ (1976), a major influence on this Game of murderers, which could well be his most compact work to date.

    Pure pocketbook narrative, schematic in the psychological, feverish in the plot, put on screen with effective pragmatism and forceful modesty.

    For lovers of pulp fictions in closed spaces

    The best: it is a perfect game without the desire to transcend the genre.

    The worst: the character of Frank Grillo is weighed down in the cliché.


    Direction: Joe Carnahan Distribution: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Alexis Louder, Toby Huss Original title: cop shop Country: USA Year: 2021 Release date: 20–05-2022 Gender: thriller Film script: Kurt McLeod, Joe Carnahan Duration: 108 minutes

    Synopsis: A small-town police station becomes the battleground between a professional hit man (Gerard Butler), a smart rookie cop (Alexis Louder) and a con artist (Frank Grillo), who seek refuge behind bars without any problem. another place to run.

    Source: Fotogramas

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