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Review of ‘Rosa’s Wedding’

Iciar Bollaín returns to the dramatic comedy ‘Hello, are you alone?’ with Candela Peña, Sergi López.

    Rosa has spent her entire life paying attention to others and has forgotten what she wants, what she needs to be happy. So she will press an imaginary button to break all her ties and decide to commit to herself, to love and respect herself every day of her life. Like at a wedding, but without a spouse.

    Icíar Bollaín returns to the cinema of small gestures and great truths, to the cinema of characters and women. The youthful impulse of ‘Hello, are you alone?’ it has calmed down and in ‘Rosa’s wedding’ we find the need to recover a little freedom when it has been lost in the midst of the pressures and responsibilities of daily life. The moment Rosa decides to change her life, a whole tsunami will be caused around her that will uncover the intimate miseries of her relatives, including her brothers (played by the wonderful Nathalie Poza and Sergi López), who will finally admit mistakes that they had never allowed themselves to admit. They had made an effort to build a shell to pretend that everything was going well, while intimate disorientation and personal failure ended up imposing themselves in a world that moves faster and faster and does not allow time for reflection.

    Lack of communication is another of the structural foundations on which a narrative is based in which all the voices involved speak and speak, but are never heard, as if there were an invisible barrier in which understanding seems to be an extraterrestrial matter. ‘Rosa’s wedding’ talks about all that, a beautiful film of reconciliation and also commitment.

    Almost all of Bollaín’s cinema moves in these terms through characters who become aware of a reality that oppresses and condemns them. Rebelling against these impositions is a difficult path full of challenges, and on this occasion the director has opted for simplicity and closeness when showing the process of change of a woman who embarks on the complicated task of taking charge of her lifewithout pessimism or self-pity, adopting a jubilant spirit that at certain moments approaches the Berlanguian essence in the way of approaching humor and fanfare.

    For fans of light dramas.

    The worst: That its simplicity makes it pass for a minor film.


    Address: Iciar Bollain Distribution: Candela Peña, Nathalie Poza, Sergi López, Paula Usero and Ramón Barea Original title: Rose’s wedding Country: Spain Year: 2020 Release date: 08-21-2020 Gender: Dramatic comedy Script: Iciar Bollain and Alicia Luna Duration: 100 minutes

    Synopsis: About to turn 45, Rosa realizes that she has always lived for and for others and decides to push the nuclear button, send everything to hell and take charge of her life. But first, she wants to embark on a very special commitment: a marriage with herself. She will soon discover that her father, her brothers and her daughter have other plans, and that changing her life is not so easy if it is not in the family script. Getting married, even to herself, is going to be the hardest thing she’s ever done.

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