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Criticism of ‘The kitchen brigade’, the social comedy of the summer

The director of ‘Las invisibles’ returns to his favorite genre to approach the drama of immigration from hope (and good food)

    Chaplin (it all started with you, Charlie) has already shown that awareness / social commitment, with a smile enters. And so to this day. From that fortunate combination of giving visibility to a real problem, here the expulsion of unaccompanied minors in case of not having training, through a humanist and committed comedy Louis-Julien Petit knows for a long time: there they are ‘Discount’ and above all, ‘Las invisibles’, his best film to date.

    On this occasion, bet on a more mainstream French popular comedy, more typical of the duo Nakache and Toledano (‘Untouchable’), which is not bad either, but it feels less real, less authentic, despite the recurrent commitment to non-professional actors. With a hint of ingenuity and lightness in the tone by flag, Petit emphatically draws the contradictions of French society without giving up that smile. Too bad that in its final stretch, that satire on culinary realities –don’t worry, there is no “Lion eats shrimp”– becomes the fly of that dish executed with applied decision. A film that does not invent garlic soup, but how good it is to take it in adequate doses

    For conscientious viewers and foodies of French popular comedy

    The best: his good intentions and the work of Audrey Lamy.

    The worst: the forced final stretch in the culinary reality show.


    Address: Louis-Julien Petit Distribution: Audrey Lamy, François Cluzet, Chantal Neuwirth, Fatou Kaba, Yannick Kalombo, Amadou Bah, Mamadou Koita Original title: the brigade Country: France Year: 2022 Release date: 06-17-2022 Gender: Dramatic comedy Script: Liza Benguigui, Sophie Bensadoun, Louis-Julien Petit, Thomas Pujol Duration: 97 min.

    Synopsis: Cathy is a strict 40-year-old chef. As she is about to fulfill her dream of opening her own gourmet restaurant, a setback on her part causes nothing to go as planned. With serious financial difficulties behind her, Cathy reluctantly accepts a job in the cafeteria of a center for immigrant youth. Little by little, Cathy’s skills and her passion for cooking begin to change the lives of the boys, who also have a lot to teach her.

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